Closing the social distance in this time of isolation

[email protected] – Live Webinar – April 30, 13:00 CEST: Hibernate Tips ‘n’ Tricks – 15 Tips to solve common problems

Our new webinar series [email protected] brings IT experts into your (home) office. On Thursday, April 30th at 13:00 CEST, Thorben Janssen will show us how to use lesser known features of Hibernate to implement common features, such as generating UUIDs as primary keys, quickly.

Spring in your step

A Walking Tour of Spring 3.1 with Josh Long

In this JAXconf talk, Josh Long, Spring Developer Advocate for SpringSource, walks you through some of the changes in Spring Framework 3.1. He discusses Environment abstraction and profiles, Java-based application configuration, servlet 3.0 based web applications, and a whole lot more. Filming courtesy of Marakana Tech TV More videos on open source development at

JUDCon London Session 2011

NoSQL and Clouds – Introducing OGM by Hardy Ferentschik

Clouds are an interesting deployment platform, but managing state in dynamically scalable environments is not an easy task. There exist a whole range of different NoSQL solutions with strong differences in performance, capabilities, reliability, isolation and ease of use. In this talk we discuss briefly the different NoSQL solutions and show where Hibernate OGM fits into the picture. Hibernate OGM (Object Grid Mapper) is built on the robust and proven Hibernate core engine and helps you to port existing JPA (Hibernate) applications to alternative storage engines decoupling application code from a specific NoSQL solution. The project is relatively new and not all JPA features are supported; also only one storage engine is supported at the moment: Infinispan. Hardy will e