The Holy Grail for Data?

JAX London 2012 – Unlocking the Power of Big Data with Apache Hadoop

The creator of Hadoop, Doug Cutting talks about the evolution of the project from purely an open source project to one of the most important technologies of the last 30 years. He looks at the changes taking place in the economics of large scale computing and what is possible with data, focusing on how integration with existing IT infrastructure is key to the success of Hadoop and other big data technologies. Doug then discusses how Big Data enables organizations to combine legacy data and new datasets in powerful/innovative ways, with examples for customer analytics, new products/services and real-time processes. Finally he looks at how to become a data driven organisation in the brave new big data world, where large scale analytics are made both possible and economica

Recorded in front of a live JAXconf Audience

The Rise of NoSQL and Polyglot Persistence – Abdel Remani answers the big NoSQL questions

The rise of NoSQL is characterized with confusion and ambiguity; very much like any fast-emerging organic movement in the absence of well-defined standards and adequate software solutions. Whether you are a developer or an architect, many questions come to mind when faced with the decision of where your data should be stored and how it should be managed. What does the rise of all these NoSQL technologies mean to my enterprise? What is NoSQL to begin with? Does it mean “No SQL”? Could this be just another fad? Is it a good idea to bet the future of my enterprise on these new exotic technologies and simply abandon proven mature Relational DataBase Management Systems (RDBMS)? How scalable is scalable? Assuming that I am sold, how do I choose the one that fit my needs best?

Digging Deeper

Big Data digger Drill project appears in Apache Incubator – Hadoop killer?

Big data and analytics go hand-in-hand, yet the technology for processing isn’t at that level. Just yet. Apache Drill, based upon Google Dremel aims to change things. Is it a Hadoop killer? It doesn’t look like it…

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