Hadoop is back. Sort of

5 reasons to use Hadoop-as-a-Service

In this article, Nilay Shrivastava, Business Manager at IBM Cloud, explains why we should use Hadoop-as-a-Service. He claims there are at least five benefits that should spark our interest.

In for the long run?

Is Hadoop losing its spark?

A 2015 survey by Gartner Inc. revealed that only 18 percent of respondents expressed their desire to either try out or adopt Hadoop in the next few years. However, this report is not the only one which suggested that Hadoop’s star is fading.

Wild data

NoSQL vs. Postgres

Who’s the sheriff in today’s data centre wild west? Postgres advocate Pierre Fricke looks at the risks that NoSQL will pose in years to come, while doing his best to deflate the Hadoop hype.