Latest feature release for GraalVM

GraalVM 20.1 adds speed improvements, language updates & more

GraalVM 20.1 has arrived, three months after the last update. This feature release adds improved Kotline coroutine support in the compiler for increased runtime speed, a new mechanism for handling native images, and new language features for JavaScript, Python and more.

Last week's highlights

Weekly Review: JEP 372, GitLab 12.8 & top 10 frameworks in 2020

Every Monday, we take a step back and look at all the cool stuff that went down during the previous week. Last week, the second Java enhancement proposal (JEP) of 2020 landed, and we took a first look at our JAXenter survey results. Also check out the new features in GitLab 12.8 and see how Project Fugu strives to standardize Progressive Web Apps.

Latest major release of GraalVM is here

GraalVM 20.0 adds new features for Java, JavaScript, Python & more

GraalVM 20.0.0 has been released. The universal virtual machine supports different programming languages and is designed to run applications faster. V20.0, the latest major version, has new features for Java, JavaScript, LLVM, Python, GraalVM Windows builds and more on board.

Quarkus 1.2 is here!

Quarkus 1.2 brings support for GraalVM 19.3.1

Java Framework Quarkus is designed to make Java fit for the cloud native age with Kubernetes and serverless. Quarkus 1.2.0, the second minor release following the major version, contains among other things a Vault Transit Secret Engine guide, support for .yml and support for both GraalVM 19.2.1 and 19.3.1. Let’s take a closer look.

Watch Alina Yurenko's JAX London session

New Opportunities for Developers with GraalVM

GraalVM is a high-performance virtual machine, bringing new performance optimizations for individual languages and seamless interoperability for polyglot applications. Watch Alina Yurenko’s JAX London informative session and find out what new opportunities for developers exist when you use GraalVM.

It's all gone 19.3 – for the next year at least

GraalVM 19.3 brings support for JDK 11

The long-awaited major release, GraalVM 19.3, is finally here! It is the first long-term support release (LTS) and is much anticipated by the Java community, and for good reason – support for JDK 11. There are other improvements such as updated support for JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and LLVM. Let’s take a closer look.

The latest from GraalVM

GraalVM 19.2.0: Preview the Java Flight Recorder plugin

The most recent version of GraalVM is here! 19.2.0 includes a variety of bug fixes, compatibility improvements, and some brand new developer tools. Test out the preview for the Java Flight Recorder plugin and go on a tour of the newly updated versioning roadmap. Let’s have a look under the hood and see what’s new.

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