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GitLab reaches milestone version 13.0

The DevOps lifecycle platform GitLab was launched in 2011, and it has come a long way since then. See what has happened in the milestone release GitLab 13.0. The latest features include highly available Git storage without NFS, auto deployment to AWS Elastic Container Service, a dark theme in the Web IDE, and much more.

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Java 16: Migration to Git and GitHub gets closer

The move from Mercurial to Git and GitHub is imminent. With Java 16, the remaining projects – including the JDK itself – will finally move. Mercurial has been under criticism for some time now and Project Skara has presented clear results, the two corresponding JEPs have now been earmarked for Java 16. Let’s take a closer look.

Git is eating the world

Happy birthday, Git! Our expert check for Git’s 15th birthday

The version control system Git has become the de facto standard when it comes to decentralized management of source code. Hardly any other system has had such a strong influence on the way we develop software today over the past decades. For the occasion of Git’s 15th birthday, we spoke to seven experts about their experiences and wishes for the future. In our Git expert check, they also talk about what is still missing in Git and what features they like best.

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GitLab is open sourcing 18 features for the DevOps lifecycle

The DevOps tool GitLab offers paid and free versions, and now 18 additional features will be moved to the open source editions Core/Free. The developer community can contribute to the according issues and speed up the process—so now is the time to take a look and see which of the features you find most important.

Dynamic child pipelines and more

GitLab 12.9 improves code quality reports and secrets storage

The newest monthly update for the complete DevOps platform is here with new features for paid and free users alike. GitLab 12.9 includes Code Quality Reports and a new security method that allows users to leverage HashiCorp Vault to securely manage secrets and keys.

Aggregate and explore logs

GitLab 12.8 adds new Log Explorer and Compliance Dashboard

What’s new in the latest version of GitLab? Before you upgrade to version 12.8, let’s review some of the newest features and improvements made to the complete DevOps platform. GitLab 12.8 introduces a new Log Explorer, environment auto-stop, built-in NuGet repository, a compliance dashboard, performance enhancements, and much more.

Watch Alexander Trost's DevOpsCon session

GitLab CI and Kubernetes: deploying Applications continuously to Kubernetes

Ever wanted to know more about GitLab? Curious about Kubernetes? This session by Alexander Trost will teach you everything you need to know about GitLab’s Kubernetes cluster feature, GitLab Pull Request review, and GitLab CI. By the end of the session, you will know all about how to deploy an application to Kubernetes.

As well as a look into their updated customer policy

GitLab version 12.4 launches, adding Merge Request Dependencies & more

Right on time, the monthly GitLab release is here. GitLab version 12.4 adds new features for free and paid users alike. See what’s new and improved in the new update, including Merge Request Dependencies, Audit Events API, Access control for Pages, GitLab Runner 12.4, and the ability to view pod logs from multiple environments.

Monthly updates and improvements

GitLab 12.2 arrives with faster pipelines & design management strategy

The monthly GitLab update has arrived, right on time and with new features and capabilities. Take a look inside and see some of the newest highlights for version 12.2. This month introduces faster, more efficient pipelines, cross project merge request dependencies, performance upgrades, a new Design Management, and a few more goodies.