Ice, ice, code.

GitHub enters the next phase of storing code at the Arctic Code Vault

The GitHub Archive Program has entered the next step of storing open source repositories in the Arctic for 1,000 years. On February 2, 2020 GitHub took a snapshot of all active public repos to archive in the fault and production is underway. Did your code make it into the archive? There is still some time to help out with the user guide, which will close on February 29, 2020.

Our favorite GitHub repos

The trendy five: Starting the new year with the best GitHub repos from January 2020

It’s that time of the month again, time to browse the GitHub trending page and pick the best, coolest, or most impressive open source projects for the month. In January 2020, we saw some self-published books on GitHub that dive deep into JavaScript, a new programming language brought to you by an MIT CSAIL Ph.D. student, an interactive tool for creating diagrams with a hand-drawn twist, and more.

Review merge requests on your Android phone

GitHub for Android beta program has launched

GitHub for mobile now includes a beta program for GitHub for Android. It offers GitHub functionality in a native Android app that supports different screen sizes and Android settings. Let’s take a closer look at the new Android app for collaboration on the go.

Our favorite GitHub repos

The trendy five: GitHub repos to be thankful for in November 2019

Another month has passed, and that means it’s time to collect our favorite GitHub repos and explore some of the coolest, most impressive, or most interesting projects that we found. In November, we took a look at a privacy-first home automation tool powered by Python 3, a way to use VS Code on the go, a JavaScript library for making intuitive, easy flowcharts, and a few more goodies.

1000 years later and everyone is still using Java 8

GitHub will store code near North Pole for 1,000 years

Nothing lasts forever, except maybe code mistakes? On February 2, 2020 a GitHub snapshot will take a trip near the North Pole and enter the Arctic Code Vault. All active, public repos on GitHub will join the endeavor to help secure open source code for future generations, so it is time to triple check your projects before they go into cold storage.

What Google, GitHub and artificial cats are doing for Halloween

Halloween Special 2019: Bats, cats and scary developer stories

Boo!—It’s that time of year again and spooky things are happening in the tech world. We’ve compiled a Halloween collection of scary database stories, games and more. Find out what horrors await when dev, test, and prod are all on the same server, as well as what GitHub and Google have in store for us this year. Let’s dive into our Halloween special, but only if you’re not afraid of getting nightmares.

Our favorite GitHub repos

The trendy five: Usher in autumn with our favorite September 2019 GitHub repos

Another month has passed us by, and you know what that means. Time to reflect upon our favorite GitHub repos for the month! In September, we checked out some cool projects, including a modern shell written in Rust, an award-winning JavaScript tool for working in immutable state, and a font that might just make coding a little easier on the eyes.

Our favorite GitHub repos

The trendy five: Closing summer with our favorite August 2019 GitHub repos

Summer is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean the hot GitHub repos have slowed down. This month, we feature a lightweight API request builder, a cloud-based spreadsheet app with Python implementation, a handy terminal tool that will have you saying WTF, and more. Come check out some of our favorite open source projects that we saw in August, 2019!

All aboard the GitHub train

OpenJFX to follow Java and migrate to GitHub

OpenJFX is currently hosted on Mercurial, but with Project Skara in the pipeline and JavaFX already partially on GitHub, Kevin Rushforth thinks it’s time to talk about moving OpenJFX there as well. It couldn’t have come at a better time because Bitbucket announced this week that they are shutting down Mercurial for good next summer.