Pack your things, we're moving!

Java 16: Migration to Git and GitHub gets closer

The move from Mercurial to Git and GitHub is imminent. With Java 16, the remaining projects – including the JDK itself – will finally move. Mercurial has been under criticism for some time now and Project Skara has presented clear results, the two corresponding JEPs have now been earmarked for Java 16. Let’s take a closer look.

Lowering the barrier for developers

GitHub makes unlimited private repositories free for all

GitHub has lifted the limit on its private repositories, allowing an unlimited amount of collaborators for all users. According to GitHub, this is not a temporary bonus. Unlimited private repositories are here to stay! Furthermore, team pricing has been reduced.

Git is eating the world

Happy birthday, Git! Our expert check for Git’s 15th birthday

The version control system Git has become the de facto standard when it comes to decentralized management of source code. Hardly any other system has had such a strong influence on the way we develop software today over the past decades. For the occasion of Git’s 15th birthday, we spoke to seven experts about their experiences and wishes for the future. In our Git expert check, they also talk about what is still missing in Git and what features they like best.

Looking for the helpers

COVID-19 vs open source: How developers are fighting the virus

Programmers are in a unique position where not only can they typically work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, but they can help lend a hand. Help fight COVID-19 and donate your computing power, help create a community app, and keep on social distancing!

Pull requests in your pocket

GitHub Mobile is now generally available for Android & iOS

After months of testing and over 100 pull requests, the new update for GitHub Mobile officially brings the app out of beta mode. It introduces a fully-native experience on your phone and is available for both Android and iOS devices on the Google Play and App Store.

See what's planned for npm

GitHub is acquiring npm

The package manager npm was initally released ten years ago and is used by millions of JavaScript developers today. It is now being acquired by GitHub—which itself was purchased by Microsoft two years ago. What does this latest step mean for npm users? Let’s take a closer look.