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Gitea 1.11.0: Open source self-hosting Git solution gets a new update

Gitea helps you set up your own self-hosted Git service with the use of lightweight Go code. The latest version, 1.11.0, includes a long list of updates, bug fixes, and improvements, including changing the markdown rendering to goldmark, and a new contrib command. Is self-hosting the right solution for you? See how Gitea compares to other Git hosting solutions.

A steaming cup of Git

Gitea version 1.10: Self-host your own Git service

The goal of Gitea is creating simple, fast, painless self-hosted Git services. It is written in Go and was forked from Gogs, a similar open source project, in 2016. Its newest major release just arrived, with some new features and over 150 bug fixes. Why do people turn to self-hosting services? How does Gitea stack up to other providers or Git hosting solutions?