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Garbage collection is every Monday, Thursday, and whenever your app is running too inefficiently

Garbage collection log analysis complements APM tools

There are already a bunch of tools on the market to help manage your apps. So, why do you need a garbage collection specific one? In this article, Ram Lakshmanan explains how garbage collection log analysis is important for the health and efficiency of your apps.

Kirk Pepperdine presents

Is your garbage collector speaking to you?

If you wanna know what your garbage collector is up to, the best place to look is in the GC logs. That said, the GC logs are like any other ascii log file in that they can be full of 1000s of cryptic entries which make trying to figure out what the logs are saying without any tooling, a daunting task. In this session Kirk Pepperdine (Kodewerk Ltd) introduces Censum, a free tool designed to help you make sense out of your log files. Some of what Censum can tell you is if your JVM’s heap is misconfigured. For example, a large number of applications currently running in products systems are starved for memory, in at least one of their internal memory pools. But it’s not only starvation that can a cause of poor performance or long GC pauses. Too much memory can be equally

Gilad Bracha Interview

Gilad Bracha: ‘Java is becoming Cobol 2.0.’

JAX London may have just gone, but the next JAX conference is already on the horizon, with JAX Germany scheduled to take place in Germany in May. At JAX Germany, creator of the Newspeak programming language Gilad Bracha will deliver a sessions on Newspeak and conduct a ‘Java Post Mortem.’JAXenter caught up with Gilad Bracha to learn more about what JAX Germany attendees can expect from his sessions…..