Comparing the two leading frameworks for mobile app development

Flutter Vs React Native For Mobile App Development

According to a 2020 Statista report, 42% of developers prefer React, while Flutter is the choice framework for 39% of developers. Irrespective of their mutual rivalry and competition, it is extremely important to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, pros and cons, and particular features that app developers may find helpful.

Flutter enters the web

Flutter 1.12 includes beta web support and multi-device debugging

2019 has been a busy year for Flutter. Version 1.12 is the fifth stable release since December, 2018. The newly released Flutter version 1.12 brings plenty of hot new features, including a visual refresh for iOS 13, updated ‘Add-to-App’, and update for Dart, and beta web support. Check out what’s fresh in the UI software development toolkit from Google.

Adopt, assess, or avoid

ThoughtWorks Technology Radar: Assess these Kubernetes tools

What’s hot, what’s not, and what technology should you say yes to as 2020 rolls in? Tech researchers from ThoughtWorks offer their input in the biannual Technology Radar. This issue highlights some rising tech techniques that you should adopt, what Kubernetes tools you should have a look at, and advice regarding cloud adoption.

News from Google Developer Days

Flutter v1.9 is live: Support for iOS 13, new widgets, & more

At Google Developer Days in Shanghai, China, Flutter 1.9 was unveiled. It is live and ready to upgrade! The latest features include support for Apple’s Catalina OS and iOS 13, new widgets for Materials, a new command for Android, and some fixed issues that will prevent crashing. According to Chris Sells, PM for the Flutter dev experience, this is the biggest update yet.

The new release in a nutshell

Flutter 1.5 arrives with In-App Purchase plugin in beta

Flutter, Google’s popular mobile UI framework releases its latest version 1.5. Stuffed with updates and improvements, Flutter 1.5 brings important changes and new features including the much-requested In-App Purchase plugin in beta. Let’s have a look.

Plus Flutter 1.0 is out!

Meet Hummingbird, Flutter’s web platform prototype

The Flutter team made some big announcements yesterday at Flutter Live. One is, of course, the release of Flutter 1.0. But what really caught our eye was the announcement that the team is experimenting with running Flutter on the web. Meet Hummingbird, Flutter’s web platform prototype.

A solid flightpath for mobile app development

Flutter beta 3 sails into production for cross-platform development

Recent news out of Google shows that Flutter beta 3 has soared into production. We take a look at what’s new about this light and easy to use SDK: changes to this mobile app SDK include Dart 2 language updates, increased accessibility support, and increased ad revenue for developers with Google’s AdMob.

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