Watch Eoin Woods' JAX Finance 2018 session

Building applications on the Ethereum blockchain

Blockchain is rapidly becoming the technological darling in the worlds of FinTech and established finance alike. In this session, Eoin Woods gives an overview of blockchain fundamentals as well as how to create an application that uses Java enterprise technology with Ethereum’s blockchain.

Watch Conor Svensson's JAX Finance 2018 session

Ethereum blockchain development on the JVM

Interested in learning how to deploy and interact with smart contracts on Ethereum, all from within the JVM? In this session, Conor Svensson gives you a 101 on smart contracts and Ethereum blockchain.

Interview with Jana Petkanic | Blockchain Technology Conference 2018

When looking to dive into Ethereum, the first important step is to broaden the scope *beyond* Ethereum

When it comes to blockchain, opinions regarding its journey to the mainstream are divided. However, for developers, this is not necessarily the most important aspect of this technology. We caught up with Jana Petkanic at the Blockchain Technology Conference and talked about Ethereum, blockchain misconceptions, and what developers should keep in mind before diving into Ethereum.

Interview with Christopher Ferris, IBM Distinguished Engineer

“Hyperledger Fabric is now more accessible to developers who have already started working with Ethereum & its associated tools”

Hyperledger Fabric now supports Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) bytecode smart contracts. This popular blockchain framework is now more accessible to developers who have already started working with Ethereum and its associated tools. We talked to Christopher Ferris, IBM Distinguished Engineer about the implications of this step, what it means for Ethereum and blockchain developers & more.

The right tool for the right job

Top 5 development tools for Ethereum

Last year’s bitcoin craze may have popularized this new technology, but the underlying structure for blockchain is solid. Today, we take a look at five of our favorite tools for developing Ethereum.

A closer look at this cryptocurrency

The history of Ethereum

Ethereum may be all over the news, but where did this cryptocurrency come from in the first place? In this article, Jakob Mayer explores some of the history behind Ethereum and how it progressed in Bitcoin’s shadow.