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Interview with Greg Luck, CEO of Hazelcast

Hazelcast joins Eclipse Foundation: “There is interest in adding JCache support to MicroProfile”

Hazelcast has officially joined the Eclipse Foundation. Given their work on Eclipse MicroProfile and the fact that Oracle has moved stewardship of Java EE technologies to the Foundation, Hazelcast felt it was the right time to become even more involved. We talked with Greg Luck, the CEO of Hazelcast about their primary focus, the future of the open source Enterprise Java and more.

Filmed in front of a live JAXConf audience

The Lean Startup for Enterprise Java Developers – Peter Bell

Your boss comes to you with a great idea for some software that’s going to change the world. You develop it, you launch it, and it’s like you threw a party that nobody showed up to. Using certain principles from The Lean Startup like Minimum Viable Product, Validated Learning, and Metrics Driven Development, Evangelist and Hacker Peter Bell will show you how to ask the right questions, as an enterprise engineer, to help you avoid the above situation. Filmed by Marakana –

From JAX 2012

Is Enterprise Java ready for Mobile and Cloud? – Red Hat’s Mark Little

Platform as a Service has gained great popularity over the past two years. Many vendors have rewritten their middleware handbooks, and discarded existing investments in Java EE. With the rapid growth in interest around mobile, we’re starting to hear the same things: that existing middleware implementations and approaches are simply not right for the mobile developer. Red Hat’s Mark Little believes it’s risky to write off middleware in all this. In this session from JAX 2012, Little discusses the need for enterprise Java in both Cloud and Mobile. He also looks at how Java, the JVM and associated standards and communities need to evolve in order to better serve these two growing and important aspects in computing.