Plus poll results: Is Ember still relevant?

Ember 3.8 brings a couple of new features and some important fixes

The new release of the Ember project arrives with a couple of interesting new features and some important updates. In this article, we take a closer look at what’s new in Ember 3.8 and we present the results of our previous poll on the discussion around Ember and if it is a relevant tool in the JavaScript ecosystem. 

Rubbing it out

Ember.js 2.0 is all about removing stuff

The new Ember.js 2.0 drop is all about removing features that were deprecated from version 1.13. However, the gang behind the open-source JavaScript application framework want to make sure they’re really good at removing things.

Ooh, shiny

Ember.js 1.13.0 out now

Ember.js gears up for its latest release and also throws out the beta for version 2.0. We can officially welcome the sparkling new Glimmer rendering engine, which will ease in the transition to 2.0 in the coming weeks.

Recorded in front of a live JAXConf audience

The Future of the Client-Side Web – Yehuda Katz

In his keynote from JaxConf 2013, Yehuda Katz will talk about how the standards bodies are evolving the web to make it easier for web developers to evolve. Instead of trying to solve platform problems centrally, the web platform is increasingly giving us the power to decide what the next version will look like. What can we do with this power, and what should we do? Filming courtesy of Marakana –