Sing louder and improve your search analytics

How to supercharge Elasticsearch with Siren

Search has evolved from information retrieval into big data analytics. In this article, Giovanni Tummarello explains how you can improve your search analytics with Siren for data visualization, joins across backends, and more!

Ready, set, SEARCH!

Toshi: A full text search engine modeled after Elasticsearch

Introducing Toshi, a search engine based on Elasticsearch. While Toshi is still a work in progress, it has some interesting features for developers looking to safely search in Rust. But does it really stack up compared to Elasticsearch? We take a look at some of the newest upgrades to Elasticsearch to compare.

Elastic update

Elasticsearch 2.0.0 lands, bringing numerous new features

The blockbuster 2.0.0 release of beloved full-text search engine Elasticsearch has landed. Based on Lucene 5.2.1, Elasticsearch 2.0.0 GA has countless changes for increased productivity, as well as more matured security features, not to mention the new ‘pipeline aggregation’.

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