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Optimize Java EE 8

Eclipse MicroProfile 3.1 updates Health and Metrics APIs

Let us welcome the newest release from Eclipse MicroProfile. This time, MicroProfile 3.1 makes changes to the Metrics and Health API, adding a new feature set and more functionality for enterprise Java microservices. Check in and see what’s new for the third quarterly release and what the benefits of 3.1 are.

Never leave the editor again

VS Code extension for MicroProfile Starter unveiled

Version 0.1 of the VS Code Extension for MicroProfile Starter is now available in the Visual Studio Code Marketplace for download. With the new extension, developers do not have to leave their editor. It is a collaboration by MicroShed, a community creating dev tools for Java microservices.

Where are we going?

What’s next for MicroProfile and Jakarta EE?

Eclipse MicroProfile is dynamic and growing, while Jakarta EE is expanding into all new kinds of territory with its move to the Eclipse Foundation. Are they ready to be merged? How can we integrate the two technologies?Today, we take a look at where MicroProfile and Jakarta EE are going with Kevin Sutter.

Support your reactive apps with MicroProfile

How to write reactive applications with MicroProfile

As it matures, Eclipse MicroProfile has begun to adopt other modern approaches like reactive programming. In this article, Ondrej Mihályi explains why support for reactive programming is needed and how developers can create responsive and resilient apps with MicroProfile.

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