GEF goes 3D

In his article, “Quo vadis Eclipse?”, Holger Voorman ventures a glimpse into the future. He describes, how model changes are visualized in a three-dimensional manner and how he can fly over layers of abstraction by his finger tips. The article explains how this is possible with GEF3D today – although we have to use the mouse for navigation.

Flex Client Applications with Spring/JavaEE, Web Services and Flex Remoting

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”. Software projects tend to fail because usually they are designed in a complex and over engineered way. Internet is full of articles on how projects become over complicated and fail. J2EE was a very promising platform with new set of tools to make developer’s life easier. XML configuration files were also introduced for same reason, ease of configuration. However J2EE failed to simplify things in many Aspects.

Eclipse Dynamic Language Toolkit

Dynamic languages are getting more and more popular. New dynamic languages are emerging with a frequency never seen before. The aim of the Eclipse Dynamic Language Toolkit (DLTK) is to facilitate development of high standard IDEs for these languages. We talked to Andrey Platov, Project Lead for the Eclipse DLTK project, about the recent developments in the project.