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Docker basics

Containerization vs Virtualization – An introduction to Docker

As Docker technology gains more popularity among IT professionals, it’s becoming increasingly important for programmers to grasp the basics of containerization. Here we learn why Docker is at the centre of cloud IT era hype, as well as the difference between containerization and virtualization.

Docker tips

How to share Docker volumes across hosts

Sharing data between Docker containers across different hosts is a tricky business. In this tutorial taken from “Docker in Practice”, we’ll examine one lightweight and one more involved way to share Docker volumes across different hosts.

Getting good at it

5 steps to becoming a quality Docker contributor

Have you ever wanted to get involved with Docker but didn’t know how to approach it? Charles Vickery from Sourcegraph shares his tips on how to contribute effectively to Docker and their open source community. It’s all about the tools!

New Kids on the Dock

Docker 1.5 arrives with IPv6 support

Docker 1.5 gives users plenty of features they’ve been waiting for: specifying the file to use in a Docker build, IPv6 support and some extra stats action. Docker’s first release of the year has all the right stuff.