Interview with Docker Captain Kendrick Coleman

“Docker doesn’t want to be replaced as the container runtime of choice”

How to get started in Docker? What issues do you experience when working with Docker? What is your favorite tip when using Docker? We talked with Kendrick Coleman, Docker Captain and Developer Advocate for {code} by Dell EMC about his experience with Docker and its disruptive nature. We actually asked a whole bunch of Docker Captains to share their Docker stories so stay tuned for more.

Interview with Jerome Petazzoni, senior engineer at Docker

The most common myths about Docker debunked

Containers have expanded to be something great for dev environments, continuous integration, testing etc. Docker, for one, can touch so many different aspects of a developer’s workflow. JAXenter editor Gabriela Motroc talked to Jerome Petazzoni, senior engineer at Docker about its popularity, what users should expect in the near future, the difference between Docker CE and EE and more.

Containers for Eclipse

Docker container support in CDT

Eclipse CDT is a fully functional C & C++ IDE for the Eclipse platform. In this article, Jeff Johnston explains what all that buzz is about and how to support Docker Containers in Eclipse CDT.

Docker is a game changer to build, ship and run software

Rethink your IoT strategy with Docker

Docker made waves this year announcing their IoT compatibility. In this post, we have a video of Peter Rossbach’s fascinating talk about how to rethink your IoT strategy with Docker.