Docker is a game changer to build, ship and run software

Rethink your IoT strategy with Docker

Docker made waves this year announcing their IoT compatibility. In this post, we have a video of Peter Rossbach’s fascinating talk about how to rethink your IoT strategy with Docker.

Interview with Jussi Nummelin, core engineer building container orchestration at Kontena, Inc.

Containers “treat” the “works-on-my-machine” syndrome

Containers are among the most discussed topics in the world of enterprise software today, especially when Docker comes into play. We invited Jussi Nummelin, core engineer building container orchestration at Kontena, Inc. and speaker at JAX DevOps, to talk about the benefits of containers and his favorite tools and to weigh in on containers’ “silver bullet” label.

Interview with Viktor Farcic, Senior Consultant at CloudBees

“Docker 1.12 is probably the most important release since 1.0”

Discussions about a possible Docker fork have taken the industry by storm. We have the group which supports Docker 1.12 and points out its strengths and the group which claims that what the world needs right now is “boring core infrastructure.” We asked Viktor Farcic, Senior Consultant at CloudBees, to tell us what he thinks about Docker 1.12 and to weigh in on this Docker fork discussion.

Trends in Docker, Kubernetes and Rocket

How containers and clusters are revolutionizing IT infrastructure

A future-proof IT infrastructure is becoming an increasingly decisive competitive advantage for companies. This is because the customer expectations for apps and websites are growing constantly. To ensure seamless processes and prevent limitations to functionality at all times, companies require tools that guarantee speed, stability and scalability.

While you were away

#AboutLastWeek: Let’s put the Docker fork matter to rest

Each Monday we take a step back and analyze what has happened in the previous week. Last week we wondered if Docker can truly be ousted and we invited a couple of specialists to weigh in on this matter. We welcomed a new Angular 2 release candidate and we brought the interruptions discussion back into the spotlight.