A few noteworthy features

Eclipse Docker Tooling for Neon

In this article Roland Grunberg, Software Engineer at Red Hat, presents a handful of new features available in Eclipse Neon. If you find yourself using Docker images/containers, you should try out this plugin as it’s sure to simplify various use cases.

How to use microservices and containers for enterprise continuous delivery

Microservices and containers such as Docker are among the most discussed topics in the world of enterprise software today. Many DevOps practitioners are looking at these technologies as a key part of delivering large software projects faster. While successful implementations are most common among smaller, “born in the cloud” organizations, larger enterprises can benefit from microservices and containers too — as long as they address some challenges head-on.

The best way to orchestrate Docker is Docker

Docker 1.12 features built-in orchestration

Container orchestration is no joke and, according to the Docker core engineering team, it is at the same stage today as containerization was three years ago. Docker 1.12 contains new API objects such as Service and Node that will allow users to utilize the Docker API to deploy and manage apps on a group of Docker Engines called a swarm. With this new release, “the best way to orchestrate Docker is Docker,” the team claims.

Docker Tooling in Eclipse

Ask anybody these days about hot software technology topics and you’re bound to hear the word Containers which are light-weight virtual machines that operate on the process level. They can be instantiated very quickly and are easy to configure. If you are going to enter the world of Containers, then you will undoubtedly run into the name Docker which is quickly becoming the ubiquitous standard. Docker is the trademarked company name but also used when referring to their implementation of container technology.

News from the Docker Universe

First release candidate for Docker 1.10 appeared

In 2015, the open source Docker container technology evolved into a hot topic in the developer world. The first Docker update of the year, the first release candidate for Docker 1.10, follows the model known from earlier releases and brings significant innovation with changes like Docker Engine Images or file system data saved in containers.

How to build a secure system from scratch

Docker and Security: How do they fit together?

While Docker images are famously simple and practical, Docker security remains a tricky maze. Docker pros Dustin Huptas and Andreas Schmidt show us the essential security features you need to know for building a secure system with Docker.

A week of Docker news

Docker readies its containers for enterprise application

Containers in the enterprise was the big topic at this year’s DockerCon Europe in Barcelona. Shortly after Hewlett Packard Enterprise introduced its new Docker-centred solution portfolio, Docker has announced a new on-premise offering, Docker Universal Control Plane.

Dropping critique bombs

Docker under attack: What motivates Docker’s critics?

Docker has been described as a revelation by some – a technology that allows a sane deployment process that mere lowly, ignorant developers can manage. But it also has its critics. The anti-Docker army has been mobilised and they want everyone to know about it.