Let's get Kraken!

Uber open sources highly scalable P2P Docker registry

Uber is more than just hitching a ride from place to place. Their internal peer-to-peer Docker registry, Kraken has been open sourced to the public. Kraken is impressive with its high scalability and pluggable storage options. See what Uber Engineering has been working on.

A simple way of creating containerized applications

Buildah: Build containers fast and easy without Docker

Linux containers are gaining an ever stronger foothold in the IT of modern companies. For this reason, developers need a simple way of creating containerized applications. Buildah makes it easy to build containers without the need for the overhead required by Docker.

Watch Rainer Stropek's DevOpsCon 2017 session

Docker container in the Microsoft universe

It is no secret that Microsoft has fallen in love with Docker and in this session, Rainer Stropek will show you everything you want to know about the Microsoft-related developments in the Docker universe, demonstrate certain Docker features on Windows 10 and more.

Interview with Neil Charney, Chief Marketing Officer at Docker

“The acquisitions by established enterprise technology vendors signal the value of containerization in enterprise IT strategies”

Following IBM’s proposed acquisition of Red Hat, it’s clear that other companies are reacting and looking for acquisition strategies to assemble a container platform capable of managing containerized applications across multi-cloud environments. We talked to Neil Charney, Chief Marketing Officer at Docker about the impact of the acquisitions on Docker and the entire enterprise container platform market.