Come join the party

The beta for Docker Engine 18.09 is out

We have some pretty exciting news coming from the Docker team! The beta for Docker Engine 18.09 is now available! So get yourself a copy of the new beta and start submitting those issues!

Trivial pursuit

How well do you know your Docker trivia?

This week, our programming trivia series continues with the container tech that everyone loves! We test your knowledge about Docker, the platform that lets developers build, manage, and secure apps anywhere.

It's a brave new world

Docker Desktop Stable channel now offers native Kubernetes support

Last week, the Docker team announced some amazing news for all you Kubernetes enthusiasts out there. Kubernetes orchestration in now part of the Stable release channels for Docker Desktop! But having in mind Kubernetes’ relative dominance during the last few months, is it maybe time for some speculative analysis?

Watch Davide Fiorentino lo Regio's JAX London 2017 session

A practical guide to Docker and µService: What you need to know to avoid suffering

You *never* know when or where something will break when it comes to updating a software stack, but one thing is certain: It *will* break! Here, Davide Fiorentino lo Regio shares a few solutions on issues like unconnected servers, vLAN issues and more “so that others don’t have to suffer like I did!”

It supports multi-Linux and Windows, multi-cloud and orchestration choice

Docker EE 2.0 is here: No lock-in, more security

Docker EE 2.0 is here! It aims to give users flexibility and choice over the types of applications supported, orchestrators used, and where it’s deployed. Let’s have a look at some of the key new capabilities of Docker EE 2.0.

Services and stacks in the cluster

Continuous Deployment with Docker Swarm

In the DevOps environment, Docker can no longer be reduced only to a container runtime. An application that is divided into several microservices has greater orchestration requirements instead of simple scripts. For this, Docker has introduced the service abstraction Docker Swarm to help orchestrate containers across multiple hosts.