#DevOpsCon 2019

Everything we learned about DevOps

DevOpsCon Munich 2019 takeaways: Everyone is in Ops now & more

Did you attend DevOpsCon Munich 2019? Perhaps you were there but couldn’t physically attend all of the talks. Well we’ve got you covered. We collected some of the key takeaways from the conference and want to share them with our readers. We learned about the changing role of Ops, how soft skills are so important they’re now called core skills, what books we should read, and much more. See what went down at DevOpsCon Munich 2019.

Couldn't make it to DevOpsCon 2019 in Munich? Read up on the keynote here

DevOpsCon 2019 has started – “Give up on the idea of control”

DevOpsCon 2019 has started! With a look at the DevOps status quo, program chair Sebastian Meyen opened the conference for DevOps inspiration and innovation. In the following keynote, Damon Edwards talked about the changing role of Operations and how now, either directly or indirectly, we are all a part of Operations.

Five's the charm

From Singapore to New York City: The DevOps Conference is going global

The year 2020 will bring some major changes regarding our very own DevOps Conference: We will be visiting five locations around the globe with our unique speaker line-up and a vast array of topics, trends, and talks. From next year on, you can attend at the DevOps Conference in Singapore, London, Berlin, New York City, and Munich. All the information you need is collected on our brand new conference website – Have a look!

Interview with Eero Mattila, Principal Systems Consultant for Information Management at Quest Software

“Communication between all participants, consistent tooling and transparency are indispensable criteria in the database segment”

The database sector is an often underestimated area, in which DevOps principles can play a decisive role. In our interview at the DevOps Conference 2019 in Berlin we talked to Eero Mattila, Principal Systems Consultant for Information Management at Quest Software, about typical errors in agile environments and practices for the optimal implementation of DevOps in the database segment.

Can't make it to DevOpsCon 2019 in Berlin? No problem!

Operations: the last Mile for DevOps – Livestreaming of the DevOpsCon Keynote

DevOps is not just about the developers! You often get the feeling that the operational part of DevOps gets too little attention. At this year’s DevOps Conference in Berlin, Damon Edwards talks explicitly about Ops, questionable Operations practices and specific techniques used by high-performing Operations organizations who are fundamentally transforming how they operate. We are streaming Damon Edwards’ keynote for everyone who unfortunately couldn’t make it to Berlin this year.

Can't make it to DevOpsCon 2019 in Berlin? No problem!

Livestreaming the keynotes for DevOpsCon 2019!

DevOps gets a taste of Berlin air: This year’s DevOps Conference 2019 in the German capital has officially opened! If you didn’t have time to be there live this year, you don’t have to miss out on selected keynotes! We stream exclusively for our readers on Wednesday the opening keynote of Jeff Sussna and the evening keynote of Jabe Bloom.