Approaches to problem-solving

Graduating out of maturity models

This article by Andrew Davis takes a look at maturity models and what improvements can be made to this method when embarking on your DevOps journey. Find out ways to improve your organization and how to learn from the scientific method.

Use data to avoid releasing buggy software

Bringing structure to the software release process

To release or not to release? That is the question. Often, however, the decision is made on a gut call rather than concrete data. Having access to data, along with a structured deployment process can help avoid releasing buggy software.

Simplifying operations

The Difference between DevOps, PrivacyOps & AIOps

The evolution of DevOps to AIOps and now PrivacyOps is a clear indication these frameworks will continue to evolve and adapt which will further help organizations create single teams that work in collaboration towards several organizational goals and objectives.

Interview with Will Cappelli, CTO EMEA and Global VP of Product Strategy at Moogsoft

Moogsoft Enterprise 8.0 interview: “AIOps is here to stay”

To mark the release of Moogsoft Enterprise 8.0 we caught up with Will Cappelli, CTO EMEA and Global VP of Product Strategy at Moogsoft. We talked about the AIOps platform, the new ability to create virtual Network Operations Centers, the long-term effects of COVID-19 on the industry, and the future of AIOps.

Rethink IT

DevOps in 2020 – our big DevOps survey

What is DevOps? This question has no clear answer, because the truth lies somewhere between corporate culture, tooling, methodology and different approaches to working. Nevertheless, there are of course factors that give an indication of the extent to which DevOps has arrived in a company or a team. With our large DevOps survey we want to find out how your company is doing with the implementation of DevOps.

Staying safe, staying Agile

How to keep your network secure & Agile during COVID-19

This article looks at the best ways to keep your corporate network secure and agile during the Coronavirus pandemic. And while mainly written with DevOps managers in mind, there are also plenty of key points for remote working developers to think about – after all, we need to support one another as a team during these tough times!

Keep calm and CI/CD

The new DevOps Magazine – now available as a free download

Our new DevOps Magazine is a great resource for all things DevOps. The first issue is all about continuous integration and continuous delivery. Interviews with a panel of seven CI/CD experts and articles on building a strong CI/CD pipeline are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s plenty more packed into this magazine that’s bursting with great content. Download it now for free!