Asking the right questions

Why DevOps really is about culture

Why is talking about “culture” helpful in effecting a transformation such as DevOps? Jeff Sussna explores this often murky area to help define and explain the role of culture in DevOps today.

Keynote from Michael T. Nygard

Rethink IT: The Day After Tomorrow

Almost everything in IT looks different today and is the result of constant change. In his keynote speech at last year’s W-JAX has Michael T. Nygard from Cognitect, Inc. dealt with this “Big Rethink” and attempts to answer the following: what role will IT play in the future?

DevOps lessons

What happens when the CI/CD pipeline gets clogged

As DevOps approaches enter the mainstream tech world, the common obstacles they bring with them are becoming more obvious. StackStorm CEO spoke to us about the difficulties faced by development teams switching to CI and CD.