Interview with Sebastian Schreck & Thomas Uebel

Breaking down silo walls: “DevOps is not an engineering discipline”

How can Devs, Ops, and management all work together on one shared goal? What role does management have in the implementation of DevOps? We interviewed Sebastian Schreck and Thomas Uebel from Mister Spex about how to implement DevOps in the workplace and how to break down silo walls.

Interview with Andrei Anisimov and Albert Santalo, 8base

“Blockchain puts a whole new spin on the DevOps process”

Blockchain applications might not be easy to use but that’s about to change. We talked with Andrei Anisimov and Albert Santalo of 8base about the DevOps/blockchain combination, the adoption rate of this technology and how it can become more accessible to developers.

Watch Andrea Giardini's talk at DevOpsCon 2017

From zero to DevOps: The Camunda journey

How can a young company keep up with everything that goes on in the DevOps world? Andrea Giardini talks about his experiences and the challenges his team had to overcome to build a highly-automated infrastructure.

Interview with Nir Koren, Senior DevOps CI engineer

“Continuous Delivery is a game-changer”

Continuous Delivery is still trendy and everyone wants to get there, but the journey is not easy. We caught up with Nir Koren to talk about the way companies should change in order to successfully implement Continuous Delivery and the most common obstacles that teams will hit when moving towards CD.

Watch Shashi Kiran' talk at DevOpsCon 2017

Top 10 barriers to DevOps adoption – and how to overcome them

It is not an understatement to say that DevOps has taken all modern enterprises by storm. It is difficult, however, to ignore the elephant in the room, namely the obstacles in the way of DevOps adoption. Here, Shashi Kiran presents the top 10 obstacles to DevOps adoption and offers practical solutions in dealing with them.

Livestream from wherever you are!

Livestream keynotes from DevOpsCon 2018!

Good news! You don’t have to brave the Autobahn to see the DevOpsCon keynotes. Watch them from the comfort of your own home as they stream on YouTube and mark your schedule for other keynotes from cutting-edge professionals.

Interview with Christine O’Dell at JAX DevOps 2018

Why developers should support their own features in production

Development of a feature doesn’t stop at deployment. Your involvement continues for the lifetime of the product. We caught up with Christine O’Dell of Contino at JAX DevOps 2018 to talk about life after deployment, the downsides of being on-call and what’s the best way to handle these issues.

You think you're doing Continuous Integration but you really aren't

The 7 core principles of Continuous Integration

Organizations doing continuous integration correctly are all following a few basic rules. In this article, Brian Dawson, DevOps evangelist at CloudBees presents the 7 core principles of Continuous Integration.

Interview with Tommy Tynjä, Senior Software Engineer and Continuous Delivery Consultant at Diabol

The dos, the don’ts, the checklist: “Continuous Delivery is true agility”

What are the dos and don’ts when going down the Continuous Delivery path? What are the most common obstacles that teams will hit when moving towards CD? JAXenter editor Gabriela Motroc talked with Tommy Tynjä, Senior Software Engineer and Continuous Delivery Consultant at Diabol at JAX DevOps 2018 about all this and more.