Puppet's latest DevOps Salary Report

Is there a correlation between DevOps support from management and higher salaries?

One cannot ignore the fact that the IT jobs landscape is changing and this DevOps Salary Report focuses on just that. As Alanna Brown, Puppet’s director of product marketing said, “this year’s report underscores that as more organizations prioritize DevOps, they are putting more resources into finding the best talent that can support their IT strategies and objectives, especially as more complex technology infrastructures require diverse skill sets.” Let’s see what else is new.

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Can DevOps drive another record year for software M&A deals?

2019 has all the makings of being an amazing year with true volcanic eruptions that will reshape the DevOps playing field. In this article, Or Weis explains why he thinks we will be seeing many more players joining the movement, from waves of new DevOps/dev-tool startups that will be born this year. 

Where does ERM fit in an automated ecosystem?

Enterprise release management: Does it have a place in DevOps?

By using DevOps to drive change, it can be easy to assume that the role of enterprise release management is no longer needed. After all, operational oversight can be invalidated by the process of automation. But is this really the case? Can release management play a role in DevOps?

Transform your IT capabilities

DevOps in an immutable world

How can IT leaders leverage today’s technology trends? Padmashree Koneti explains everything you need to know and presents some lessons learned from traditional software delivery transforming application software delivery in organizations.

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Signs your company needs a DevOps partner

Was 2018 the year of enterprise DevOps? In this article Robert Bobbett, Senior Vice President of FP Complete, explains what your company should insource and how to know when a DevOps consulting partner is right for you. Prepare for a more efficient team.

Plus JAX DevOps 2019 Blind Bird Special

2018 in review: Top 7 DevOps stories

As 2018 is almost over, it’s time to do a full review of the last year. Our focus? DevOps, of course! In this article, we take a look at the top 7 DevOps stories of 2018. But that is not all! At the end of the article, we have a special JAX DevOps offer for you to light up that holiday atmosphere!