Can't make it to JAX DevOps 2019? No problem!

Livestreaming the opening keynotes for JAX DevOps 2019!

JAX DevOps 2019 has officially opened and we’ve got you covered if you can’t make it to the UK this year. We’re livestreaming today’s keynotes for JAX DevOps 2019. So, set your alarms for 9:00 and 13:30 GMT if you want to tune into today’s keynotes.

Five fundamental best practices

Agile database development best practices

Methodologies such as agile development and DevOps can help data professionals fashion their ideal DataOps ecosystem. This article reviews five fundamental best practices that can get you started in creating your own agile database development process.

Watch Gianluca Arbezzano's DevOpsCon 2018 session

Distributed monitoring: How to understand the chaos

At this microservice-dominated era, more and more applications running distributed across different datacenters. Gianluca Arbezzano has some handy advice on how to monitor a distributed system.

Watch Michiel Rook's DevOpsCon 2018 session

I deploy on Fridays (and maybe you should too)

Do you know all these memes about anyone who tries to deploy on Friday 5pm? Their message is simple: Do not dare to do that! But what if you did it – the right way? Michiel Rook explains in his DevOpsCon 2018 session.

Watch Joakim Recht's DevOpsCon 2018 session

Running databases in Docker at scale

The use of docker containers for Java applications has become part of everyday project work. However, developers often shy away from running databases in docker containers. Joakim Recht (Uber) shows in his session at DevOpsCon 2018 how to use Docker for databases.

Watch Julia Wester's DevOpsCon 2018 session

Finding metrics that matter and using them safely

How do we determine which metrics are important? How can we be sure that metrics are useful and not harmful? In her session at DevOpsCon 2018, Julia Wester talks about the importance of these questions in the DevOps world and shows which metrics are really relevant.

Culture is everything

The secret to DevOps secrets management

Speed, velocity, resiliency – all three are crucial elements in DevOps and they do not need to be sacrificed in order to be secure. Regardless, a cultural foundation needs to be stabilized by breaking down certain silos. In this article, Brian Kelly explains how you can achieve that.

Jabe Bloom's session from DevOpsCon 2018

Whole Work: Sociotechnicity & DevOps

In the DevOps community today, we hear a lot about sociotechnical systems. However, if we want to take an approach based on sociotechnical theory, we also need to think about the sociological framework. In his session at DevOpsCon 2018, Jabe Bloom shows how this can look like and what needs to be considered.

Watch Ambreen Sheikh's DevOpsCon 2018 session

KISS it: Good architecture and design for Continuous Delivery pipelines

The architecture of continuous delivery pipelines is becoming more complicated and complex every day. The purpose of Ambreen Sheikh’s talk is to motivate teams to take a moment and reflect on their Continuous Delivery pipeline architecture for the sole purpose of improvement and encourage them to KISS “Keep it simple, (maybe not stupid)” their continuous delivery architecture all the way.

Watch Julia Wester's DevOpsCon 2018 session

Defending against CDD: Chaos-driven delivery

Teams struggle with how to handle the constant onslaught of overwhelming amounts of work and begin to lose hope. In this talk, Julia Wester explains that if you understand operating systems, you already know a great deal about how to tame the chaos!

Meeting the 2019 DevOps influencers

“I caution against assuming that tools are the key to a successful transition to a DevOps culture”

Who are the most influential DevOps people in the Twittersphere? After analyzing thousands of accounts, we created a list of people that every DevOps enthusiast or pro should be following. In the second part of our DevOps influencers interview series, we talk to Mike D. Kail, CTO at, as he shares his thoughts on DevOps culture, tooling, as well as the next evolutionary steps for the DevOps ecosystem!