The hand behind the curtain

The changing role of the enterprise architect – interview with Ravi Mayuram

Many see architects as a dying breed, reasoning that with infrastructure moving to the cloud, who needs them anymore? But even with cloud, infrastructure is complex and somebody is needed to sit between the goals of the CSuite and the demands of the developers, and ultimately to make the business’s digital dreams a reality. Architects are becoming more prominent – as the IT consultants of the business, helping everyone realize their ambitions.

Required skills for DevOps engineers

How to become a DevOps engineer and the reason for its increased demand

The implementation of DevOps tactics and culture isn’t slowing down anytime soon. How can you become a DevOps engineer? What does a DevOps engineer do? If you are an Ops person and would like to explore what DevOps is all about, here are some details on how to become a DevOps engineer, the required skills and the expected salary.

Avoid becoming the 90%

How DevOps can help scale your startup

According to research, 90% of startups fail. What does the 10% have that sets them apart? One of the ways to prevent failure is by keeping up with good DevOps practices and using essential DevOps monitoring tools, like Docker and Ansible. In this article, find out why DevOps practices help make startups more stable, secure, and save on time and money.

...and more service mesh offerings

Anypoint Service Mesh: New platform for microservices management

Service meshes offer users a way to control different parts of an application and how they share data with one another. MuleSoft, an integration platform for SOA, SaaS, and APIs, announced its newest product, Anypoint Service Mesh. Check this new offering out, what some of its features are, as well as a few other service meshes available and some additional reading for learning more.

Five's the charm

From Singapore to New York City: The DevOps Conference is going global

The year 2020 will bring some major changes regarding our very own DevOps Conference: We will be visiting five locations around the globe with our unique speaker line-up and a vast array of topics, trends, and talks. From next year on, you can attend at the DevOps Conference in Singapore, London, Berlin, New York City, and Munich. All the information you need is collected on our brand new conference website – Have a look!

Watch Jabe Bloom's DevOps Conference 2019 keynote

Two Frames on Development and Operations

DevOps and Serverless, two frames for making sense of the waves of change in IT. Moving beyond a modernist organizational concept, large enterprises and start-ups alike are no longer simply asking “can this be automated (the modernist conception)” but are instead turning towards understanding “what it will mean when this is automated”.

Joining hands with software development

The DevOps to AIOps journey and its future

The demand for DevOps continues to grow. As IT infrastructures become more complex, the resources to efficiently manage them grow increasingly important. What’s the next stop on its journey? The next evolution for addressing IT challenges is AIOps—the application of machine learning (ML) and data science to solve IT operational problems.