Bringing cf push to Kubernetes

Kubernetes backend Eirini hits 1.0 milestone

Eirini is a Kubernetes backend from Cloud Foundry, providing an Orchestrator Provider Interface layer. It allows users to choose Kubernetes as their container scheduler, so they can use the tools that they are already familiar with. Now, Eirini recently hit its version 1.0 release. This important milestone means that Eirini is ready for use and has earned its stability. See what’s new and what’s under the hood.

Watch Damon Edwards' DevOpsCon session

Operations: the last Mile for DevOps

Some DevOps transformations flourish, but many others are stalling. Why is that? What can be done to give DevOps transformations the push they need? This talk from Damon Edwards, co-founder of Rundeck Inc., will make the case that Operations is the most predictable differentiator.

Watch Alexander Trost's DevOpsCon session

GitLab CI and Kubernetes: deploying Applications continuously to Kubernetes

Ever wanted to know more about GitLab? Curious about Kubernetes? This session by Alexander Trost will teach you everything you need to know about GitLab’s Kubernetes cluster feature, GitLab Pull Request review, and GitLab CI. By the end of the session, you will know all about how to deploy an application to Kubernetes.

On the way to successful database management

DevOps and the database: Three reasons why you should integrate

The days of siloed database teams and processes are dwindling and DevOps has become the new reality that teams have to embrace. Here are three reasons why integration will benefit you and your IT teams. IT managers have to have the confidence and knowledge base to bring database development operations into the agile CI/CD processes.

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DevOpsCon London blind bird offer ends November 28

DevOpsCon is an international phenomenon with talks and workshops from thought leaders and specialists in the field. It’s the crucible of DevOps innovation and somewhere you want to be if networking is on your agenda. The blind bird discount for DevOpsCon London ends on November 28, so buy now to get the best return on your investment!

Watch Victoria Almazova's DevOpsCon session

Best practices for securing CI/CD pipelines, or how to get security right

DevOps practices are in a place, containers are everywhere, pipelines are flying. We do Agile. We do DevOps. Now we should focus on following security practices for protecting the deployed resources, too. This is a reason why DevSecOps is not a hype anymore and is gaining more prominence.

Investing in the future

Codefresh creates $100M open source fund

CI/CD specialists Codefresh have announced their intentions to reinvest into the open source ecosystem that has supported and helped them prosper since they were founded in 2014. They are built on top of Kubernetes, running on top of open source Linux, and now they want to follow in the Linux Foundation’s footsteps and make a massive contribution back into the community. Let’s take a closer look.

Interview with Sacha Labourey, CEO and Founder of CloudBees

The post-DevOps evolution – “SDM is to software delivery what CRM is to sales”

When your DevOps setup has become a great success, you might start to notice that the silos you thought you’d broken down are starting to reappear simply because of how difficult it is to keep everyone heading for the same goal when the terrain is constantly changing. Software delivery management is the way to get to grips with this. We spoke to Sacha Labourey about this and much more.

17,000 programmers weigh in

Global developer report: 11 million devs actively use JavaScript

Which programming languages have the strongest communities and the most active programmers? How many devs are implementing DevOps strategies? What frameworks are mobile programmers using? Let’s take a dip into the data and see what 17,000 developers from 155 countries revealed in SlashData’s report, Developer Economics: State of the Developer Nation 17th Edition.

Watch Henrik Stene's JAX DevOps session

Deploy code changes to production with confidence using Consumer Driven Contracts

Consumer Driven Contracts is a testing paradigm that let API-consumers communicate to the API-providers how they are using their services. This talk discusses software testing, how and when to use Consumer Driven Contracts, and how Consumer Driven Contracts can make developers more confident. It also includes live coding to show how to implement Consumer Driven Contracts using the Pact framework.

Watch Helen Beal's DevOpsCon session

DevOps Culture: the Neuroscience of Behavior

We acknowledge that we can’t change culture, but we can change behavior. Culture is the sum of values and behavior. But what makes humans behave the way we do and how can we influence behavior and model it the way we want to? Culture is such a large part of DevOps and is essential in understanding how to implement DevOps strategies.

Watch Lorenzo Galelli's DevOpsCon session

Getting started with Terraform

Automation and DevOps are probably two buzzwords which have gone hand in hand with the cloud over the last couple of years, while simplified user interfaces are great, they just don’t cut it when you want to start to automate tasks like the creation of systems within the cloud. Watch this technical session about Terraform, ideal for Solution Architects and IT Operational folk.

Watch Jussi Nummelin's JAX DevOps' session

Taking the Scissors away: Make your Kubernetes Cluster safe for DevOps

Find out all about how to make Kubernetes clusters safe for DevOps in this talk by Jussi Nummelin. This session is highly inspired by Liz Rice’s talk at KubeCon EU 2018, “Running with scissors”. This session will focus on a different angle: how to take the scissors away from the developers so that they do not harm themselves.