Picking the *right* cloud is what’s important

How cloud-based testing can improve DevOps cycles

As organizations begin to fully embrace the “DevOps way,” the cloud enables everyone involved to work on the same code – writing, testing, conducting quality assurance, deploying and updating – at the same time, regardless of physical location. In this article, Eran Kinsbruner, Chief Evangelist at Perfecto discusses the advantages of cloud-based testing solutions and the challenges teams should prepare for when testing in the cloud.

Interview with Liran Haimovitch, Co-Founder and CTO of Rookout

“Technical debt is sort of a natural phenomenon and seeing it emerge can be a sign that people are finding your software useful”

Technical debt is on the mind of every engineering manager and CTO. ‘Borrowing’ time from the future by doing things the quick and dirty way can cause huge problems later. We caught up with Liran Haimovitch to talk about what really is technical debt, how to differentiate it from legacy code and more.

Meeting the 2019 DevOps influencers

“As most organizations become data-driven, managing the entire lifecycle of data gets more and more crucial”

Who are the most influential DevOps people in the Twittersphere? After analyzing thousands of accounts, we created a list of people that every DevOps enthusiast or pro should be following. In the first part of our DevOps influencers interview series, we talked to Thorsten Heller, co-founder, and CEO at Greenbird Int. Tech. Here, he shares his thoughts on new and rising DevOps technologies, ways to turn short-term failures into long-term success and more!

One of the biggest trends of 2019

Turn DevOps into DevSecOps without sacrificing automation

As DevOps matured within organizations, the process became efficient and fast, but security ended up falling to the wayside. In this article, Gary Stevens explains why security is infiltrating DevOps and how the growth of DevSecOps creates a noticeable drop in the rate of data and security breaches.

Plus some dos and don’ts for developers

Does technical debt still matter in DevSecOps?

Despite all the advantages of DevSecOps, challenges like technical debt still remain. In this article, Mike Bursell explains why this isn’t such a bad thing. After all, identifying a problem is half the battle. He also goes into the reasons why technical debt still exists, how it can be useful, and explores some basic do’s and don’ts for developers.

Five most common DevOps failures

Learning from DevOps nightmares

Nobody likes a failed implementation. However, learning from your mistakes is what keeps a mistake from turning into a true DevOps nightmare. Brian Dawson of CloudBees explains five different ways developers can break free from their dreadful errors and return to the DevOps implementation of their dreams.

Doing DevOps right

DevOps for your SME? Four steps to a successful initiative

Doing DevOps right comes down to how it is defined for your particular business. Just keep in mind that DevOps is both a cultural and functional shift that must be undertaken carefully. In this article, Oded Moshe, VP Products at SysAid, identifies four steps that will help you reap the rewards this concept represents.