An interview with Jackie Balzer, Head of Front-end Development at Behance

“Empathy should be woven into the fabric of DevOps”

Empathy is more important than you’d think for DevOps. As Jackie Balzer explains, building a CI/CD interface and system is a chance to make something beautiful and easy to use. Paying attention to these details to create a frictionless experience is a kindness to your eventual users.

Tips & tricks

Building a better DevOps-enabled cloud

As the number of applications utilizing cloud technology grows, it is more expensive to have DevOps teams build each environment as a wild west project. The answer is to implement a cloud architecture that standardizes on stack-level operations. In this article, John Mathon gives some tips on building a better DevOps cloud.

Interview series with DevOps influencers — Final part

Key DevOps metrics that matter: How well does your team sleep?

How can you tell if a DevOps initiative is succeeding? Is it the number of tools that you’re using? How about lead time, deployment time, customer satisfaction, and performance? Is sleep part of the equation? In the last part of our interview series, nine DevOps influencers talk about the key metrics that matter and explain why you shouldn’t skip steps in the DevOps transformation cycle.

Interview series with DevOps influencers — Part 3

DevOps dream team or superstar DevOps engineer? Tips for aspiring DevOps engineers

What’s the best way to get a DevOps job? Should you make yourself marketable as a DevOps engineer or do you only need to prove that you can play well with your colleagues? In the third part of our interview series, we asked nine DevOps influencers to weigh in on the skills one needs in order to become a DevOps engineer. Plus, we talked about the importance of DevSecOps.

Interview series with DevOps influencers — Part 2

DevOps without automation is like peanut butter without jelly

How important is automation in a DevOps context and what are the areas where automation is really needed? That’s an easy one! In the second part of our interview series, nine DevOps influencers weigh in on the DevOps-automation link and talk about the importance of testing.