From W-JAX

Introducing NatTable

Adding tables or grids to an Eclipse application is quite hard work if you want to support more than only showing information. With the usage of Nebula NatTable you are able to do this in an easier way, with significantly less lines of code by getting a lot of grid functionality by simply using it. In this session, Dirk Fauth (BeOne Stuttgart GmbH) shows the main architecture of the NatTable widget. He explains how easy it can be used and integrated into your own eclipse application, comparing it with other current table widgets out there. Dirk also gives an overview of what is currently supported out of the box and what is planned for the NatTable in the future.

Recorded at JAXconf

The Value of Values – Rich Hickey

Creator of Clojure and Datomic, Rich Hickey delivers this excellent JAXconf keynote about how the definition of values has changed in light of the increasing complexity of information technology and the advent of Big Data. A talk relevant for anyone in the industry, that leaves no stone unturned. Filming Courtesy of Marakana Tech TV –