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GDPR compliant organizations are 15% less likely to suffer a data breach

Want to improve your data security? Be GDPR compliant

No one wants their organization to show up on the 6 o’clock news for a massive data breach. How can companies protect themselves from cybersecurity threats? Well, a recent study from Cisco shows that following the GDPR regulations has a tangible effect on improving data security.

A checklist for this post-container world

Top 6 API security needs for serverless applications

The serverless trend is nowhere near its fading point. And one of the most important topics within the serverless universe is security. Serverless is not immune to security problems but our focus needs to shift particularly to the world of APIs where sensitive data is prominently transferred in these modern application designs.

Pack your bags and move your things while staying GDPR compliant

Move your data across platforms with the Data Transfer Project

Data security made headlines around the world with the GDPR earlier this year. But now, a recent initiative from some of the biggest names in tech makes it even easier to keep your data safe when moving it across providers with the Data Transfer Project.

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