Evolving security threats

Cybersecurity trends for 2020

Keeping your data and identity secure is more important than ever in 2020, and as tech evolves, it has also become more complicated than ever. How will cybersecurity evolve? Phishing isn’t just limited to email anymore, and your car’s built-in tech might become the source of data theft. Keep yourself secure and learn about what security experts think is yet to come.

Resolving cyber attacks

4 realistic perks of having a proactive certified incident handler on-board

Does your firm need a certified incident handler on the team? Incident handlers manage the situation that happens after a cybersecurity attack. They plan, manage, coordinate, and communicate in order to contain and mitigate the attack’s effects. In this article, Tiru Dehariya discusses some of the benefits that come with having an incident handler on board and when to look for when hiring one.

Decentralizing security

Blockchain technology: The future of cybersecurity

Is blockchain technology the next big thing in cybersecurity? The implementation of blockchain as a solution for cybersecurity can limit the number of targets a hacker can attack. The process of decentralization creates a more secure system and prevents easy access for cyber-criminals and potential fraud.

Under lock and key

Threat invasion: Secure your infrastructure

All businesses should practice cybersecurity! In this article, Ashley Lipman gives tips for businesses both big and small on creating a cybersecurity focused culture. Ensure that your data is secure and that your employees don’t fall for scams and tricks with these tips.

How data science can answer cybersecurity challenges

Did you know that data science can be applied to the cybersecurity field to help protect against attacks and identify suspicious behavior? In this article, Peggy Morgan talks about the benefits of using data science to improve techniques and create better programs against cyber threats.

With blockchain in use, who knows what new applications are yet to be discovered?

How can blockchain help boost cybersecurity?

We know everything there is to know about blockchain, at least in theory. Still, many would mistakenly regard it as if it were solely related to cryptocurrency, and fail to see the full potential it offers. Victor Stolyarenko knows where the best fruits are hidden.

Avoiding a meltdown

How intent breakdown caused Meltdown and Spectre

Meltdown and Spectre have been causing some scares lately, as tech companies try to keep up with their cybersecurity and fix these vulnerabilities. In this article, Patrick Londa discusses how intent breakdown plays a hand in the game.

Interview with Floyd DCosta, co-founder at Block Armour

“Blockchain technology aptly lends itself to cybersecurity endeavors”

We’ve been talking about the advantages blockchain brings to the finance industry but how about cybersecurity? Blockchain is revolutionizing multiple industries including cybersecurity but one question lingers: *how* can this technology help fight cyber attacks? We talked with Floyd DCosta, co-founder at Block Armour about the role the technology behind Bitcoin plays in blocking (if possible) cyber attacks.

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