Containers make everything better

How Kubernetes improves IT’s operational efficiency

Containers are particularly useful for managing an increasing amount of applications. However, managing the containers themselves requires help. That’s where Kubernetes comes in. Scott Sanders explains why it might be beneficial to adopt Kubernetes and improve your IT operational efficiency.

Why containers are growing

Monitoring container-based applications: Why you need a different approach

Companies are deploying cloud-native applications to meet their business requirements. Whether it is speed, scalability or new functionality, containers offer a route to achieving these goals faster and more efficiently to manage the cost of change for developers and operational stakeholders. However, are we aware of the challenges as well?

You need to think differently about monitoring traditional and modern applications, containers and infrastructure

Monitoring serverless computing for modern business applications

Following on from containers, serverless computing is the next wave management in application deployment and software delivery. In this article, Colin Fernandes of Sumo Logic explains why investing in operational and security analytics solutions that understand serverless is a worthwhile step to being successful with serverless.

It is simple, really

Meet Jib: Containerizing a Java application has never been easier

“Write once, run anywhere” has been the Java motto since forever! And what better way to achieve that if not with the use of containers? But we all know that containerizing Java applications is anything but simple. Jib is an open-source Java containerizer from Google that aspires to make a difference!

Overview of the Currents report

What do developer trends in the cloud look like?

The quarterly report on developer trends in the cloud by DigitalOcean, Currents, is out! What do containers usage and serverless computing adoption look like? Here, we have a look at some of the highlights and interesting facts of the Currents report.

Benefits and issues

Entering a new state as containerization heads mainstream

The growing popularity of Docker and Kubernetes has driven containerization to go mainstream and with good reason. However, even with the many benefits offered by containers, there are still issues to overcome when it comes to delivering truly stateful applications that need persistent data.

Tell me, doctor, how bad is it?

Report: What does the containers security status look like?

Containers and container orchestration systems are a very important part of the infrastructure for the organizations that work according to agile ways and deploy continuous integration. But how secure are these systems? The Lacework research team conducted a study to determine the security status of containers and here are the results.

Data protection for the DevOps era

How do we keep containers secure?

Containers have become a necessary part of modern technology. But what are they and what kinds of security concerns should organizations be aware of? In this article, Rami Sass explores the basics of containers as well as the future of DevSecOps.

Interview with Ramon Guiu, Vice President of product management at New Relic

“Kubernetes is becoming central to cloud adoption”: More innovation coming

In the “orchestration war” between Docker, Swarm, and Kubernetes, it seems like Kubernetes is the clear winner. In this interview, Ramon Guiu, Vice President of product management at New Relic, talks about the reasons why. He discusses how to avoid problems with building a container ecosystem and how to make it run safe and smooth.