Serverless vs. containers

Living in a post-container world

Making the choice between containers and serverless is a difficult one. But do you really need to choose only one? Sascha Moellering of Amazon Web Services explains why deciding between the two technologies isn’t just an either/or question.

How to highlight the metrics we need

More containers means we need better system visibility

Containers are the foundation for much of modern computing, but they also obscure where problems initially develop. In this article, Mark Herring explains why capturing important metrics becomes difficult in a container-based infrastructure, why managing metrics storage needs to be done properly, and how new data platforms fulfill the needs of the modern web.

Interview with Neil Charney, Chief Marketing Officer at Docker

“The acquisitions by established enterprise technology vendors signal the value of containerization in enterprise IT strategies”

Following IBM’s proposed acquisition of Red Hat, it’s clear that other companies are reacting and looking for acquisition strategies to assemble a container platform capable of managing containerized applications across multi-cloud environments. We talked to Neil Charney, Chief Marketing Officer at Docker about the impact of the acquisitions on Docker and the entire enterprise container platform market.

Plus JAX DevOps 2019 Call for Papers deadline!

Top 4 DevOps stories from hell

Halloween might be behind us, but here at JAXenter, we still have the spooky atmosphere going! Here are four DevOps stories from hell, guaranteed to give you the chills! And if after reading this post you feel like you may have one or two things to say about it, don’t worry! JAX DevOps 2019 is calling!