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Which technology will bloom in 2019? – Some early predictions

I know, I know – 2018 is not over yet! But I feel like it’s a good time to take a step back and look at some of the most trending technologies we saw in 2018, talk a bit about their status and what questions are raised about their prospects. And of course, since we are in a general voting mood (see US midterm elections), we have a poll at the end of the article where you can tell us about your predictions for 2019.

Plus JAX DevOps 2019 Call for Papers deadline!

Top 4 DevOps stories from hell

Halloween might be behind us, but here at JAXenter, we still have the spooky atmosphere going! Here are four DevOps stories from hell, guaranteed to give you the chills! And if after reading this post you feel like you may have one or two things to say about it, don’t worry! JAX DevOps 2019 is calling!

Cloud Native = Digital Transformation

How Kubernetes transforms your business

Kubernetes has emerged as the defacto standard in enabling IT to build out digital architectures to deliver on their business goals, and it is now a “must have” for whatever your organization’s level of digital maturity is. In this article, Vamsi Chemitiganti talks about the five fundamental business capabilities that Kubernetes can drive in the enterprise.

Security is important, even for containers

Container security starts with Kubernetes

As containers become more widely adopted, it’s important to remember security at all steps. In this article, Todd Moreau explains several essential Kubernetes security considerations for any develop looking to adopt this useful technology.