Why transforming monoliths into a myriad of independent microservices is a good idea

Containers, microservices and the power of modern IT

Containers and microservices are powerful tools for solving many of the problems we face with modern tech. In this article, Dale Vecchio explains why you should seriously consider switching from a monolith to a microservice.

Our Docker Captains interview series continues

Docker vs. VM: What’s the difference?

Docker is revolutionizing IT — you’re probably hearing this phrase quite often. But let’s go deeper into “the belly of the Docker beast”: What are the differences between Docker and a virtual machine? What is hype and where does the real added value lie? We talked with Ajeet Singh Raina about all this and more.

Interview with Docker Captain Kendrick Coleman

“Docker doesn’t want to be replaced as the container runtime of choice”

How to get started in Docker? What issues do you experience when working with Docker? What is your favorite tip when using Docker? We talked with Kendrick Coleman, Docker Captain and Developer Advocate for {code} by Dell EMC about his experience with Docker and its disruptive nature. We actually asked a whole bunch of Docker Captains to share their Docker stories so stay tuned for more.

Interview with Daniel Bryant

Containers offer great power but they also demand operational responsibility

Implementing a continuous delivery pipeline is not trivial, and the introduction of container technology to the development stack can introduce additional challenges and requirements. We talked to Daniel Bryant, CTO of SpectoLabs and speaker at the upcoming JAX London conference, about the challenges, tradeoffs, and impact of bringing together containers and CD.

Containers — Expectations versus reality

Continuous Delivery with containers: The good, the bad, and the ugly

In this talk, Daniel Bryant, CTO at SpectoLabs and JAX London speaker looks at the high-level steps that are essential for creating an effective pipeline for creating and deploying containerized applications. Topics covered in this talk include the impact of containers on CD and lessons learned the hard way (in production).

How to keep an eye on your containers

Prometheus monitoring: Pros and cons

Prometheus solves the problem of how devs can monitor highly dynamic container environments. In this article, Frederick Ryckbosch goes over the advantages and disadvantages of using Prometheus, and just how scalable it really is.

Does "full stack" even apply here?

What does “full stack” monitoring mean for container environments?

We all know what “full stack” means. But what about when we’re talking about monitoring container environments? Things get a little fuzzy. In this article, Peter Arijs explores the different aspects and challenges of obtaining full stack visibility in such an environment with many moving parts.

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