Pros and cons

Containerization: What you need to know

Running software in containers is catching on, and nearly half of IT leaders plan to deploy containers in production. Containers are extremely useful and can solve many problems associated with multiple environments, but they have their limitations. What do you need to know about containerization and its pros versus con before you begin?

User-friendly Docker

LazyDocker – simple terminal UI aims to make Docker easier

Do you struggle with memorizing Docker commands? LazyDocker is a simple, yet customizable, terminal user interface for Docker and Docker-compose. It was written with the minimalistic Go library, gocui. Watch the demo video and see how this project can help programmers with Docker commands and container tracking.

Set sail across the choppy seas

Enhance your Docker usage: Launch build containers with Floki

As container usage spreads, the number of tools in the ecosystem grows. Floki is an open source tool aims to help users launch and use interactive Docker containers, without any Docker run commands. It features Docker-in-Docker support and can forward host user information.

2019 Container Adoption Survey results

Container ecosystem in 2019: Organizations challenged by container security

Container adoption continues to grow, according to the results of Portworx and Aqua Security’s annual research. The 2019 Container Adoption Survey reveals some trends about containers and what organizations use them for, and want from the technology. This year, security was a pressing topic of discussion. How does your team’s container usage compare to the survey results?

Don’t let the database derail your containerisation cloud journey

Containerisation is potentially the biggest milestone of the ongoing cloud revolution. However, there are a few obstacles still standing in the way. Anil Kumar, the Director of Product Management at Couchbase, discusses the obstacles and explains why revolutions will only benefit the business if the entire organisation is brought along.

A simple way of creating containerized applications

Buildah: Build containers fast and easy without Docker

Linux containers are gaining an ever stronger foothold in the IT of modern companies. For this reason, developers need a simple way of creating containerized applications. Buildah makes it easy to build containers without the need for the overhead required by Docker.

Container management is making a big splash

Secure container management with Podman

Podman helps you manage containers, pods, container images, and container volumes, all without a daemon. If you know how to use Docker, you know how to use Podman! Only a year after its public release, Podman has entered version 1.0. Come see what has been added and what security benefits it can provide.