The relationship between Kubernetes and Docker

What is Kubernetes and how does it relate to Docker?

Kubernetes is most often used with Docker containers. But it’s not strictly dependent upon them. So how do they work together? This comprehensive Kubernetes guide explains it in detail. Additionally, Payara Micro is discussed – a lightweight open source platform for deploying Kubernetes in cloud environments.

DevOpsCon 2017

Top tips to keep Docker running securely in production

Security is one of the core issues when creating a production environment. Particularly when using the Docker ecosystem in general and Docker Swarm in particular, the question arises of how to secure the development process. In his session at the DevOpsCon 2017 in Berlin, Gianluca Arbezzano, software engineer at InfluxData, gives important tips on setting up a production environment, immutability, and security concepts for dockers.

Interview with Jussi Nummelin, core engineer building container orchestration at Kontena, Inc.

Containers “treat” the “works-on-my-machine” syndrome

Containers are among the most discussed topics in the world of enterprise software today, especially when Docker comes into play. We invited Jussi Nummelin, core engineer building container orchestration at Kontena, Inc. and speaker at JAX DevOps, to talk about the benefits of containers and his favorite tools and to weigh in on containers’ “silver bullet” label.

When it comes to enterprise container adoption, don’t hesitate

Containers to the rescue

Containers suffer from a bit of a branding problem. Conversations around containers tend to be a bit too ‘in the weeds’ from a technical perspective, even for many IT professionals. Understanding what they are and how and why they should be used – those questions still linger and far too many organizations have not been able to answer them yet.

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