Serverless will play a big part in the future of cloud native development

Straight to serverless: Leapfrogging turtles all the way down

Cloud native technologies are no longer bleeding edge buzzwords that we all expect to learn more about in the coming months and years, they are here now and they are here to stay. Oracle’s Jesse Butler takes us on a journey to serverless island!

Plus JAX DevOps 2019 Call for Papers deadline!

Top 4 DevOps stories from hell

Halloween might be behind us, but here at JAXenter, we still have the spooky atmosphere going! Here are four DevOps stories from hell, guaranteed to give you the chills! And if after reading this post you feel like you may have one or two things to say about it, don’t worry! JAX DevOps 2019 is calling!

Interview with Karthik Ramasamy, co-founder of Streamlio

“IBM’s acquisition of Red Hat is a signal that we are entering the next phase of the cloud battle”

The news that tech giant IBM is acquiring Red Hat made waves throughout the industry. This acquisition breathes new life into the open source ecosystem but it also adds a note of caution. We talked to Karthik Ramasamy, co-founder of Streamlio about the impact of the acquisition on the open source ecosystem and more.

Billions and billions

IBM acquires Red Hat: Growing the cloud market

Should we begin taking bets on what the next ground-breaking acquisition will be? No one could have predicted it, but IBM will acquire Red Hat. While Red Hat ensures that their commitment to open source will remain, the news is stirring up complicated emotions. How do you feel about the acquisition?

Understanding the return on investment of a hybrid cloud strategy

How to quantify your hybrid cloud strategy

While it’s relatively easy to understand that hybrid configurations allow enterprises to lower expenses while taking advantage of the scale and flexibility that access to a cloud platform provides, a deeper understanding of how workloads affect other variables is vital in determining and optimizing Hybrid Cloud Return on Investment (ROI). In this article, Scott Sanders explains why it’s important to understand the Hybrid Cloud Return on Investment (ROI).