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Project Helidon’s 0.11.0 release brings a bunch of API changes

Project Helidon, a set of Java libraries for writing microservices was introduced in September 2018. Although the big 1.0 release is not here yet, you should not overlook 0.11.0 as it includes a bunch of API changes (in preparation for the 1.0 release). In short, when you upgrade to 0.11.0, you will have to make changes to your application.

Plus JAX DevOps 2019 Blind Bird Special

2018 in review: Top 7 DevOps stories

As 2018 is almost over, it’s time to do a full review of the last year. Our focus? DevOps, of course! In this article, we take a look at the top 7 DevOps stories of 2018. But that is not all! At the end of the article, we have a special JAX DevOps offer for you to light up that holiday atmosphere!

Interview with Bob Quillin, VP of developer relations for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

“Oracle Cloud Native Framework brings a holistic cloud native solution to developers”

Oracle Cloud Native Framework is the first cloud native platform of its kind, providing managed cloud services and on-premises software while offering a wealth of new services on the existing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure across applications, provisioning, and analytical verticals. We talked to Bob Quillin, VP of developer relations for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure about the benefits of this framework, his cloud native predictions for 2019 and more.

Interview with Casey Kuhlman, CEO of Monax

Running blockchains in the cloud: Benefits & lessons learned

If you operationally treat blockchain networks largely the same and then build your continuous integration/continuous deployment and other systems just as you would for software built on previous generations of technology, then you have an ability to leverage all the niceties that cloud environments offer. We talked to Casey Kuhlman, CEO of Monax about the benefits of running blockchains in the cloud, the lessons learned and his blockchain predictions for 2019.

Interview with Matt Ellis, Director of Product Manager and Head of Open Source at TIBCO

Flogo enables developers to build microservices or functions with a browser-based flow designer

Project Flogo is a Flow-based process engine written in Go. As the project continues to mature, it has expanded to simplifying the notion of event-driven apps by providing multiple action implementations for various event processing techniques. We talked to Matt Ellis, Director of Product Manager and Head of Open Source at TIBCO about project Flogo, its future, why developers should use it and more.

Why cloud is not the answer – just part of it

Avoiding mistakes in multi-cloud

The flexibility and choice around cloud are compelling. However, this ease of deployment and management has to move over to the data side of applications too. Therefore, distributed data models have to be a part of the initial design. Patrick McFadin explains how developers will be able to avoid issues around scaling data.

Watch Roland Huß speak at DevOpsCon 2018

How common problems can be solved when developing cloud native applications for Kubernetes

The way we design, develop, and run applications on cloud native platforms like Kubernetes differs significantly from the traditional approach. DevOpsCon speaker Roland Huß looks at a collection of common patterns for developing cloud native applications. After this session, you will have a solid overview of how common problems can be solved when developing cloud native applications for Kubernetes.

Beneath the clouds

Beyond Cloud: Public Cloud, yes or no?

“Public Cloud: yes or no?” – a question radically outpaced by the train of technology. More and more companies are looking into the advantages and disadvantages of a public cloud infrastructure. There is no doubt that the public cloud has its advantages. Its elasticity, high vertical integration, and global distribution are ideal for certain applications. However, very few applications really need this, and it’s worth taking a closer look.

Interview with Murray Rode, Chief Executive Officer at TIBCO

“Java risks setbacks if it becomes controlled by one or two mega vendors”

The news that tech giant IBM is acquiring Red Hat made waves throughout the industry. We talked to Murray Rode, Chief Executive Officer of TIBCO about the impact of the acquisition on the open source ecosystem, the multi-cloud trend and more. Since both IBM and Red Hat are deeply involved in the Java ecosystem, we also discussed what the Java market has to lose if things go south.