Simplified Multi-Cloud Networking

Multi-Cloud Networking: Overcoming Challenges for Data Across Clouds

Within an enterprise, teams are turning to cloud services for varied reasons. As more organizations move to multi-cloud, there’s a growing need to simplify the multi-cloud landscape. Leveraging multiple public clouds at the same time often presents significant networking challenges.

Deliver digital business capabilities

5 Challenges in Deploying Hybrid Cloud Environments

What are the challenges you need to be aware of if you’re looking to adopt a hybrid architecture for your computing needs? How can you ensure consistent gains in flexibility, mobility, and ease-of-use across applications and workloads in your SMB or enterprise? There are five important areas of consideration.

Interview with Vince Lubsey, CTO of Lemongrass

“Don’t treat your cloud infrastructure as a new data center”

We spoke with Vince Lubsey, CTO of Lemongrass about why companies are migrating legacy systems to cloud infrastructure and what challenges they face when making the move. Vince Lubsey also gives important tips to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Exploring key requirements

The four key requirements for building cloud-native apps

“Cloud-native” apps are designed to take advantage of a distributed systems environment, increasing the applications’ performance, scalability and fault tolerance. In this article, Erica Langhi will share insight into the key requirements for making your app development approach fully “cloud-native”.

Taking a DataSecOps approach

Readjusting Cloud and Data Privacy Predictions

This year’s sudden, unexpected need for cloud capabilities has helped to shift a very important learning to the forefront: Privacy and security are not corners you can cut. While the need to quickly migrate to the cloud is understandable, it is just as important to implement the necessary steps to reduce the risk of data exposure.

The cloud skill journey

To Speed Up European Cloud Adoption, Address the Cloud Skills Gap

The cloud demands new skills as it continues to grow, but the skills gap persists. This lack of skills is often cited as one of the biggest barriers to a successful cloud adoption. One recent survey found that 86% of IT leaders think that a shortage of cloud talent will slow down cloud projects in 2020.

Avoiding unplanned costs

A Developer’s Guide to Cloud Costs

Sometimes, cloud computing costs can be unexpected, with unplanned costs that can add up, even in spite of the cloud’s main benefits. This piece will outline contributors to out-of-control cloud costs, and tips for developers with applications living in the cloud to manage them.

Delivering benefits with software-as-a-service

5 Ways to Achieve Faster Time to Value with Enterprise SaaS

Speeding up time to value in SaaS (software-as-a-service) is a collaborative effort between the vendor and the customer. This article examines five ways that enterprises can speed up SaaS without sacrificing any long-term project goals.

A deep dive into Thundra

Monitoring serverless applications

The Thundra Application Observability and Security Platform was originally developed inside Opsgenie and spun off in 2018. In this article, we will go into detail about Thundra’s features. We will be using a real-life example of a serverless application and show how to boost its visibility by using distributed tracing.