Collect data, analyze, and respond

Strategies for the Cloud Threat Hunter

Threat hunting, like all cloud security, is rendered additionally difficult by high volumes of transactions and the high velocity of deployments. Security professionals face constantly evolving landscapes as their company infrastructures change and cloud providers offer new tools. While standard and cloud threat modeling share basic methodologies and joint purposes, there are meaningful differences.

What's in the Software Development Kit?

Getting Started with the DataStax Astra Java SDK

For the uninitiated, a Software Development Kit (SDK) is a set of software-building tools that streamline development for a specific platform. This article focuses on an SDK for Java in particular, which consists of three libraries: Stargate SDK, Astra SDK, and Spring Boot SDK.

New potential for business intelligence

The Big 5 Predictions For Big Data in 2022

Although Covid-19 has impacted the prevalence of Big Data in early 2020, we now see exciting new potential for more practical, instant, and accessible business intelligence. With this in mind, here are our Top 5 predictions for Big Data you’ll see play out this year.

Find the right mix of value to the business and value to IT

A Cloud Data and Analytics Platform Has Major Benefits, But That Doesn’t Mean it’s Easy to Manage

As the phrase “move to the cloud” becomes ever-present, it’s critical to understand that just like any data engagement, a cloud data and analytics program needs to be treated with the same attention to strategy, process and testing. While we’d like to believe that it’s as simple as spinning-up a new environment and moving data, doing the project correctly (and planning for future growth and success) is actually far more involved.

Making data easier to work with

How Data Gateways Simplify Developers’ Lives

Developers want to concentrate on what they do best: building applications; and they want to reduce tasks that pull them away from development. Data gateways make it easier for developers to work with data, without getting bogged down in the details of managing schema, data migrations, and other database administration tasks.

Watch Adam Wright's DevOpsCon session about PostgreSQL in a cloud native world

Cloud Native Patterns with Postgres on K8s

Adam Wright, Senior Product Manager at EnterpriseDB is always excited to share how you can use Postgres alongside data-driven apps born in the cloud. In his DevOpsCon session “Cloud Native Patterns with Postgres on K8s”, Adam will show you some core features and how to integrate PostgreSQL into Kubernetes and OpenShift Container Platform workloads.

Evolving from a pre-cloud mindset

Evolving Java Runtimes for a Cloud-Centric World

Java runtimes currently operate with a pre-cloud mindset that does not leverage or take advantage of modern cloud environments. Java Virtual Machines (JVMs) can be modernized with new approaches that assume the presence of a “magic cloud.” Cloud-native compilation is a key example of this new approach, with production-ready implementations already producing highly efficient and affordable code optimization.

Guidelines For Supporting a Low-Cost and Innovative Approach to SAP on Cloud

Operating SAP in the Cloud

Many people enjoy mentioning how to minimize the costs of operating SAP in the Cloud, however, not all of them truly relay how to get the most bang for your buck in the areas that count. Operating SAP in the Cloud has several key benefits that make it not only attractive, but also practical – being that it’s always available and easy to use, and also has a low barrier to entry for additional functionality (and spend).

Closing the Gap Between Continuous Deployment & Entitlement Management

Cloud Native Software Delivery

A significant gap often develops between continuous deployment of applications and accurate entitlement management—particularly as software producers shift to microservices that are delivered in containerized environments. This gap shouldn’t exist. Scott Niemann explains the impact of this gap and how to close it.

Get the tools you need

Cloud Computing Skills: 5 Skills You Should Have On Your CV

If you are eyeing up a career in IT, now has never been a more critical time to have several essential cloud computing skills on your CV. If you want to attract the best businesses and forge a career in this sector, it’s time to sharpen up your cloud computing skills.

The Shared Responsibility Model

The one risk of using SaaS no one talks about

The convenience that SaaS applications have afforded us can never be overstated, especially in a working world that is significantly different than just two years ago. However, there is one specific risk of using SaaS that I was unaware of; even with two decades of working with the cloud.

Prepare for your cloud journey

6 Reasons Cloud Might Not Be What You Think It Is

You need to be aware of the realities of the cloud and understand different cloud migration strategies. You need to know why you’re moving to the cloud. What’s your goal? And what outcomes are you seeking? Make sure you know what you’re getting your enterprise into before moving forward in your cloud journey.

What does modernization actually mean in practice?

Cloud-Driven Data Modernization

There’s an inescapable logic to data modernization, given that the cloud offers you new ways to deploy, distribute, and access your data. If you want to exploit those capabilities, your applications and data storage will change. There couldn’t be a better time to modernize your data models to match their new environments.