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68% of organizations are already using cloud infrastructure

Cloud security tops 2019 concerns for enterprise IT, new survey reveals

Bright skies ahead for cloud computing! NetEnrich’s annual survey on cloud computing has come up with some very promising results. While cloud’s market domination is all but certain, there are some dark skies ahead as security and privacy concerns top the list for biggest worries in 2019.

Head in the clouds

Dedicated servers or cloud computing: The infographic

Choosing between your own dedicated servers or cloud computing is a tough decision. Luckily for you, Jenny Harrison explains how you can make this choice by going over the pros and cons based on variables like performance, speed, cost differentials, and scalability.

It's all about security

Cloud computing myths debunked

More and more businesses nowadays use cloud infrastructure but they fail to understand the challenges that go hand in hand with cloud computing. The aim of the following survey is to explain these factors and to make them more transparent.