Establishing a developer workflow

Want to get the developer experience right? Focus on the basics

Avoid the worst-case scenario and ask yourself important questions such as, “How fast can a developer who just started working at your company contribute code?” This article explores the basic ingredients for what you will need in order to nail down the developer workflow experience. It will bring you happy, more productive developers, who will stay with you longer.

International developer insights

Coding bootcamps & YouTube: Developers in 2020 learn via non-traditional methods

The typical developer is changing with increasingly varied and non-traditional ways to learn how to code, such as videos, self-guided lessons, and coding bootcamps. Are they useful? This study by HackerRank says yes! Follow the current trends in development, see what language developers around the world hope to learn in 2020, and what job role is the most in-demand.

A+ for automation

DevOps report card: Security must be part of the software delivery cycle

Puppet’s State of DevOps: Industry Report Card rates different sectors, from finance to retail, on how well they have integrated security into their DevOps practices and their DevOps maturation level. This report reveals some tricks of the trade. See what different industries struggle with and where each excels and find out what the most successful organizations have in common.

The road towards a better future for our community

Swift for Good – because just talking about diversity isn’t enough

Paul Hudson loves Swift and he loves the Swift community. He not only wants the community to be better, but he wants to make the community better. That’s why nobody got paid to write their part of Swift for Good and 100% of the proceeds will go to Black Girls Code. We caught up with him to talk a bit about this amazing project.

Time for an upgrade

Product development in a new era: Where traditional review processes bite the dust

Product development is more complex than ever and teams need to adopt new systems in order to better manage and document their work in all aspects of the development cycle. How do you make the change from a traditional system to a new, sophisticated system that actually works and leads to efficient collaboration and communication in real-time?

Last week's highlights

Weekly Review: 2020 IT skills, JUnit 5.6 & more

Every Monday, we take a step back and look at all the cool stuff that went down during the previous week. Last week, we looked at IT skills hiring trends in 2020, Java framework JUnit’s latest update – version 5.6, JavaScript developers’ salaries, and much more.

Demand and hiring trends

2020 IT skills: what we learned from 213,782 coding tests

The IT job sector is growing and with its growth comes a higher demand for programmers. What skills and programming languages should you focus on? Data from over 213,000 coding tests revealed some IT skills hiring trends to look for in 2020. See what DevSkillers’ data reveals about recent IT trends from 49 different countries.

Salary figures and hiring trends

JavaScript developers average 2020 salaries hits $114,986 in the US

Any JavaScript developer will tell you that a fair salary leads to better work. Despite this, many devs are underpaid, and so they are jumping from job to job. The tech sector has the highest turnover rate, and losing good employees is costing businesses money. What should you be earning? Check out some of the current hiring trends for JavaScript developers in 2020.

Profile: Birgit Krenn, Head of Manufacturing Science and Technology at the VTU Group

Women in Tech: “Stop telling women what they are doing wrong”

Women are underrepresented in the tech sector —myth or reality? Two years ago, we launched a diversity series aimed at bringing the most inspirational and powerful women in the tech scene to your attention. Today, we’d like you to meet Birgit Krenn, Head of Manufacturing Science and Technology at the VTU Group.

People-centric and smart space tech

Adopt these 10 strategic technologies in 2020

Take a look into the crystal ball. What does Gartner predict for 2020? Here are ten strategic trending technologies that tech leaders should have on their radar in the coming years. Augmented and virtual reality might train employees in the future, voting might become based on a blockchain, and AI security might become the most important factor in risk management.