Data makes the modern world go round

6 best places to learn data science fast

The skills of data experts are becoming outdated as the industry evolves. If you’re looking to learn data science – quickly – then you’re in luck. Bootcamps of all kinds have sprouted up to help the surge towards data science move faster. Here are six best places to learn data science in half the average time.

Symptoms of over-engineering

The opposite of over-engineering is not (necessarily) cowboy coding

There are many types of programmers you may encounter in a team, starting with those who think they know it all and ending with the lone wolves who hate the idea of working with others. Some may spend too much time thinking about unnecessary details and all the backup plans the project does not need while others may ignore every guidance, process or discipline possible. But does this mean they don’t have anything in common?

Interview with Felienne Hermans, assistant professor at Delft University of Technology

“Don’t look down on end-users”

In the future, everyone will be a programmer for 15 minutes. How is that possible? We talked to Felienne Hermans, assistant professor at Delft University of Technology and Software Architecture Summit speaker, about the difference between a professional developer and what she calls „end-user programmer.“

These countries have the world's most talented programmers

The recipe to win gold in programming Olympics

There’s a famous saying by Roman philosopher Seneca which goes like this: “It is quality rather than quantity that matters.” This quote transcends time and industry and proves that countries such as the United States and India, famous for their huge number of programmers, are lagging behind in terms of quality. Curious to see which countries would take home the gold, silver and bronze medals?

Real-life kryptonite

And it’s gone —The true cost of interruptions

People need roughly 23 minutes to go back to their tasks after a major interruption, but the plot deepens if you’re a programmer. Add at least 10 minutes to the forced break (the minimum amount of time you need to start editing code again) and there you go — that’s a solid half hour you lose whenever someone approaches you. It gets worse if that interruption is planned.

Answer: It depends who you ask

How many developers does it take to complete a project?

The million-dollar question about the level of productivity in software development teams is the following: How does their productivity scale with the team size? Forget everything you knew about the ideal team size. Are you familiar with the Ringelmann effect?

It's pretty much a needle in a haystack, but...

Top 5 places to find a remote programming job

Finding a remote job may sometimes feel like you are looking for a needle in a haystack. Many websites have accepted the challenge of giving programmers an overview of what the market looks like and what companies are willing to hire talent without forcing them to move anywhere in the proximity of the mother ship, but that doesn’t mean they all deliver that promise. Let’s see which are the best places to find a programming job.

When your code fails, will the logs tell you what’s going on?

Great programmers write debuggable code

In this article Henrik Warne, a Stockholm-based software developer, weighs in on the details that transform a good programmer into a great one.

Not every battle is going to be a winning one

How to pick your battles on a software team

Creating software is an emotional process for the team members who all want to see it succeed, and this can create tension. The phrase “you have to pick and choose your battles” is commonly used. But how do you make those decisions?