Watch Martina Mitz's International PHP Conference session

Diversity – a different Perspective

Nowadays, diversity is on everyone’s lips. Although one cannot deny the importance of this topic, the debate around it is very sensitive and usually emotional, which doesn’t always foster a constructive discourse. Martina Mitz’s talk from the International PHP Conferences discusses a journey of introspection.

Adjusting to current circumstances

Pandemic means new chances for EdTech

Coronavirus has accelerated the digital transformation of business. Innovative educational companies might seize the opportunity. Today, almost all social and economic life has moved to the Internet and new challenges regarding remote work arise.

Essential inter-personal skills

Why soft skills are important for developers

Soft skills are all to do with how we interact with other people. This is opposed to “hard skills” which are to do with acquired abilities that require specific knowledge. There are many reasons why soft skills are equally, if not more important than hard skills for software developers.