Mind the gap

Women in tech make less than male counterparts, Dice reports

A newly released report from Dice reveals that in the United States, women in tech still experience a pay gap in 2020. According to Dice, even when factors such as location, job experience, and degree are taken into consideration, the difference in salary between men and women in the United States can exceed $15,000.

Watch Jessica Mauerhan's International PHP Conference session


Software engineer Jessica Mauerhan discusses how to help boost your programming career with an attitude change and learn how to be less judgemental online and in the workplace. Set aside some time for reflection and watch this session from the International PHP Conference.

At home, every day is casual Friday

The impact of working from home on developers

Working remotely is becoming an option for more people than ever, especially for developers. No office space, no daily commute, no set schedule. However, will you be able to connect with your co-workers and do you have the necessary self-discipline? This article goes over some of the pros and cons of working from home, as well as some personality types that excel at the job.

Last week's highlights

Weekly Review: JEP 372, GitLab 12.8 & top 10 frameworks in 2020

Every Monday, we take a step back and look at all the cool stuff that went down during the previous week. Last week, the second Java enhancement proposal (JEP) of 2020 landed, and we took a first look at our JAXenter survey results. Also check out the new features in GitLab 12.8 and see how Project Fugu strives to standardize Progressive Web Apps.

Demand for AR/VR engineers rises 1400%

Top 2020 trends for software engineers: Hired survey insights

Using data from over 400,000 interview requests and surveying 1,600 software engineers, Hired released a report detailing the top trends for software engineers in 2020. They learned that the demand for AR/VR engineering roles is on the rise (with a growth of +1400%) and that software engineers are looking to learn more about machine learning.

Red Hat's 2020 report

Enterprise open source software is growing within innovative companies

Once commonly thought of as simply for programming hobbyists, now open source is widely used in the enterprise. Red Hat conducted an international survey, interviewing 950 IT leaders about their usage of open source code in their business. The survey revealed that open source is rising in the enterprise, and proprietary software is on the decline.

Lifting up junior team members

Leading your team of young developers: 5 tips for helping them grow within their careers

In order for junior developers to succeed, ultimately it is the responsibility of the current team leads to pass on the skills they have. Giving your developers a leg up and teaching them on the job is a sure way to help cultivate them and lead them towards success. Learn how to adapt new skills and have an agile team that not only adds company value but reaches their personal potential.

Role models, advice, and discussion

International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2020: Raising up voices

February 11th is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, where worldwide, equality efforts are celebrated. Let us raise up the voices of some of our favorite women in tech and see what inspirational advice they have for other women, what challenges they have faced in their careers, who their current role models are, and what initially sparked their lifelong interest in tech.