With Chris Loy and Jenny Wem

Interview: A day in the life of a programmer

Co-founder and CTO of DataSine, Chris Loy, and Front End Engineer Jenny Wem both have plenty of programming experience. We found the time to ask them some questions about life as a programmer, the challenges they face, how things have changed, and what advice they have for programmers of the future.

Reinventing the whole vehicle

Digital-only banks—where developer talent meets banking

Traditional banking is often held back by outdated technology and a lack of innovation. However, digital banks are on the rise in the UK, Germany, and parts of Europe. How do digital banks differ from traditional solutions, and why should developers be taking note of this up and coming financial institution?

New report examines sexism in the workplace

Women in tech: Have you faced gender-based discrimination?

A recent survey by Girls Who Code examined the experiences of young college-aged women entering their first internship. The results showed that roughly half of women have experienced some form of negative experience, ranging from inappropriate remarks to biased technical exercises. A question for women in tech: Have you faced gender-based discrimination or bias in the workplace?

Haunting development mistakes

Things that can haunt front end developers

The lines between front end and back end development are shifting. What are some common mistakes that will cause front end developers headaches, wasted time, and nightmares about untested code? Find out how you can prevent some haunting mistakes in this article by Ronita Mohan.

Exploring the options

What’s the best data strategy for enterprises: Build, buy, partner?

When it comes to data solutions, is it worth it to build everything from scratch, co-develop with partners, buy a license from a vendor, or acquire small open source startups? This article examines the different solutions to data strategies and what organizations should consider when evaluating each option.

Other digital skills are no longer optional

DevOps, C++ & Python most in demand job skills

DevOps, C++ & Python are indispensable skills in tech, showing a huge year-on-year growth as well as continued dominance in terms of what employers want. However, there is also a trend that more and more digital skills are demanded from those working in non-IT positions as well.

I was in the right place at the right time...

Impostor syndrome: How to accept your achievements

Do you ever feel like you don’t deserve your job? Do you ever feel like your achievements were just plain luck? Are you secretly afraid that your coworkers will realize you’re a fraud and actually have no idea what you’re doing? These feelings come from something called impostor syndrome. What is it and how should you deal with it? Read on to find out.