International developer insights

Coding bootcamps & YouTube: Developers in 2020 learn via non-traditional methods

The typical developer is changing with increasingly varied and non-traditional ways to learn how to code, such as videos, self-guided lessons, and coding bootcamps. Are they useful? This study by HackerRank says yes! Follow the current trends in development, see what language developers around the world hope to learn in 2020, and what job role is the most in-demand.

Bringing home the gold

C wins Programming Language of the Year award for 2019

The first update of the year from The TIOBE Index is here with new rankings of the top programming languages. This update announced the winner of the “Programming Language of the Year” award. Congratulations C! Thanks to its usage in embedded devices and the Internet of Things, C wins the award and enters the hall of fame for 2019.

Crystal clear programming

Crystal programming language 0.32.0: Ruby syntax plus C efficiency

Do you love Ruby’s syntax but also desire the efficiency and speed of C? The Crystal programming language aims for the best of both worlds. It compiles to native code and uses object-oriented programming concepts under the hood. It received an update with version 0.32.0, which added a few improvements to the standard library and some code cleanup.