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Six tough questions for traditional software vendors

Traditional software vendors are battling to manage the new wave of trends such as Cloud, SaaS and BPM, which threaten to eat into IT budgets. Given its dominance in ERP business, SAP is a good test case to understand the predicament of on-premise vendors. Acknowledging that the IT landscape is changing, SAP is making important moves to fit in. But the transformation is not going to be easy and Enterprise irregular Dennis Howlett has posed six tough questions on the challenges before the software giant on ZDNet. The questions may be targeted at SAP. But it is for the entire industry to answer them.


Practical approach to BPM projects

Experts typically advise enterprises to take a stair-step approach to implement BPM.
A new white paper by BPM Guru Mark McGregor, A Pragmatic Approach to Leveraging BPM Technology for Business Success, has good details on how to get it right. It breaks down BPM projects into seven steps and provides good insight into each of them. It also has tips on how to bring in technology, and navigate organizational complexity.

jBPM 4 (GA) is out

jBPM 4 has been released, informs Tom Baeyens, founder and lead of JBoss jBPM. You can get started with the […]

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