Bringing blockchain to mobile

How can blockchain technology prove beneficial for mobile app development?

To understand the finer aspects of how blockchain technology can be used to develop mobile applications, we first need to understand the benefits that it can bring to mobile app development. In this article, Harikrishna Kundariya dives into how blockchain technology can be utilized to make mobile apps more reliable and secure.

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How to integrate blockchain capabilities

Leveraging the power of blockchain in databases

When it comes to traditional databases, the blockchain supports a completely different paradigm. For the first time in computing history, we have a datastore in which we can have absolute certainty about a data item’s creation date and can be absolutely certain that the item has not been modified. How can we integrate the power of blockchain into databases?

Blockchain – Fair Is Fair, Even in a Decentralized World

Centralized services risk being manipulated from within, but decentralized solutions come with their own drawbacks. How can we use blockchain and distributed ledger technology to build a trustworthy platform that cannot be manipulated and that orders transactions quickly and correctly? Hedera Hashgraph Product Manager, Donald Thibeau shares his thoughts.

Decentralizing security

Blockchain technology: The future of cybersecurity

Is blockchain technology the next big thing in cybersecurity? The implementation of blockchain as a solution for cybersecurity can limit the number of targets a hacker can attack. The process of decentralization creates a more secure system and prevents easy access for cyber-criminals and potential fraud.

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Blockchain Technology Conference: Explore dApps, smart contracts & more

The Blockchain Technology Conference takes place in Berlin from November 11 – 13. Over twenty-five international speakers from different sectors will encourage learning with three days of sessions, keynotes, and talks. Learn about blockchain technology, smart contracts, dApps and more. The early bird special is nearing its end; see what offers are in store for early registrants.

Watch Ingo Rammer's session from the International JavaScript Conference 2018

Blockchain for Developers – What’s behind the hype?

The blockchain is one of the hot topics on the tech scene right now. If some expect it to revolutionize the internet, others see the blockchain as a solution for very specific use cases. What’s behind the hype? Ingo Rammer’s session from the International JavaScript Conference provides answers.

Turn these tips to into success

7 essential tips to develop a blockchain Android app

When Blockchain is appropriately configured, it can provide a decentralized solution that reduces intermediates, enhances transparency while securing the data and eliminating unauthorized access. Why integrate blockchain with Android? Catch these seven tips from Payal Goyal and learn how to develop your blockchain app.

Dev-friendly smart contracts in Java

Java ecosystem meets blockchain in the Aion Virtual Machine

Java meets the blockchain with the Aion Virtual Machine, from the Aion Foundation. Take advantage of the vast Java ecosystem and build smart contracts directly in Java, with all the maturity of the JVM. The Aion Virtual Machine supports Maven and IntelliJ plugins and can run all transactions concurrently.