Interview with Ricardo J. Méndez, Technical Director at Samsung NEXT

“Decentralization is about freedom, flexibility, and choice. Blockchain is just one more tool”

Decentralization is about freedom, flexibility, and choice and blockchain is just one more tool; one that can help in decentralized contexts, but a tool is always less important than the goal. We caught up with Ricardo J. Méndez, Technical Director at Samsung NEXT to discuss the importance of decentralization, his blockchain predictions for 2019 and the decentralized technologies that are gaining ground right now.

True innovators will prevail

Blockchain evolution: New results require new models

How are copycat-only projects denying resources and users from projects with a proven history of creativity and disruption? In this article, Kee Jeffreys explains how looking ahead at a more mature blockchain market, only the true innovators will survive.

An idealized blockchain world?

Opening the gates of the digital economy

While barriers are growing for the unbanked and underbanked in day-to-day life, they’re shrinking in the world of cryptocurrency. In this article, Sheffield Clark gives an overview of the digital economy.

Interview with Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director of Hyperledger

“2019 will be a continued reiteration of how people are using blockchain”

Hyperledger Global Forum is behind us but now’s the perfect time for an overview of the most important announcements, plans, and takeaways. In this interview, we speak with Brian Behlendorf about what the future holds for blockchain, how certifications are changing the enterprise and the goals of Hyperledger in 2019.

Interview with James Mitchell, Sawtooth maintainer and president of Bitwise IO

“Sawtooth Sabre is our new transaction family for on-chain WebAssembly smart contracts”

Hyperledger Sawtooth 1.1 was announced earlier this month. The latest release focuses on two major new features, namely an improved consensus interface and support for WebAssembly smart contracts. We talked to James Mitchell, Sawtooth maintainer and president of Bitwise IO about the most important changes in Sawtooth 1.1, its use cases and what’s next for this framework.

Interview with Casey Kuhlman, CEO of Monax

Running blockchains in the cloud: Benefits & lessons learned

If you operationally treat blockchain networks largely the same and then build your continuous integration/continuous deployment and other systems just as you would for software built on previous generations of technology, then you have an ability to leverage all the niceties that cloud environments offer. We talked to Casey Kuhlman, CEO of Monax about the benefits of running blockchains in the cloud, the lessons learned and his blockchain predictions for 2019.

Reducing the congestion

Scaling the blockchain – Why side chains are the answer

Zhuling Chen introduces the serious potential of side chains on a blockchain, for reducing the congestion that comes along with a higher volume of users, so that transactions are not slowed down. With this new technological infrastructure, a parallel processing will be easier and allow a higher level of customization of dApps. It is the way to handle a high traffic and speed up the system.

Safe and secure with blockchain

Will quantum computing break blockchain?

Blockchain may be one of the hottest new trends, but its track record is still thin on data security. Plus, how will it react to future changes like quantum computing? Gary Stevens explains how blockchain’s proponents can take advantage of the technology’s inherent security.

7 days of upcoming tech trends!

Top 5 blockchain predictions for 2019

2018 has certainly been a year. As the days grow shorter, we can’t help but look forward to a brand new 2019 and all the amazing tech trends in store for us. Today. we’re kicking off a week of predictions for next year. First up: blockchain! Emmanuel Thiriez explains five of his predictions for distributed ledger tech for the new year.

Interview with Jana Petkanic | Blockchain Technology Conference 2018

When looking to dive into Ethereum, the first important step is to broaden the scope *beyond* Ethereum

When it comes to blockchain, opinions regarding its journey to the mainstream are divided. However, for developers, this is not necessarily the most important aspect of this technology. We caught up with Jana Petkanic at the Blockchain Technology Conference and talked about Ethereum, blockchain misconceptions, and what developers should keep in mind before diving into Ethereum.

Interview with Ilya Pupko, Chief Architect at Jitterbit

“For blockchain technology to be useful, it must be enabled by APIs first”

All technology needs a voice, in a figurative sense, and that voice is an API. To package your technology as a product, you need to build an API for it. In the same way, blockchain needs to be packaged with an API in order to be a product. We talked to Ilya Pupko, Chief Architect at Jitterbit about blockchain’s need for strong APIs, how the API economy is set to revolutionize blockchain and more.