Clash of giants: Technology and Finance

Sneak peek into the future of banking: The tech part of FinTech movement

In the third part of our talk to Eric Horesnyi, a High Frequency Trading infrastructure expert and JAX Finance speaker, we delve into the technical part of FinTech and explain the role of robo-advisors. We shed some light on the future of crowdfunding and how banks will adapt to this movement. An idea pinpointed in the second part will also be revisited: UX.

Numbers and buttons

Looking at the FinTech behind Number26

Number26 is Europe’s most modern bank account, with all transactions appearing instantly on your smartphone. As a rising star on the FinTech stage, we were keen to hear more about the tech behind Europe’s latest banking solution.

WTF even is it?

Defining FinTech

It’s clear that FinTech is an emerging space that is having a global impact on how we live and how we do business. But how do we define what it is and what makes it so important?