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#AboutLastWeek: Pokemon GO takes over the world, Bitcoin bulks up and the spotlight falls on JAX Innovation Awards

Each Monday we take a step back and analyze what has happened in the previous week. Last week we witnessed the birth of a new craze: Pokemon Go, nominations for the JAX Innovation Awards 2016 opened and we found out why the open source act is a massive victory for transparency. Henry Brade, CEO of Prasos Oy, helped us dissect the Bitcoin halving and discover exactly how bright is the future of this cryptocurrency.

Dissecting the Bitcoin halving — Interview with Henry Brade, CEO of Prasos Oy

[Bit]coin flipping: “Bitcoin is the world’s first universal currency”

Bitcoin halving has come and gone; what’s left is a smaller reward for mining bitcoins and the promise of a stronger cryptocurrency. We talked to Henry Brade, the CEO of Prasos Oy, a Finnish Bitcoin startup founded in 2012, about the event, the current state of Bitcoin and what’s next for all the people directly involved in this matter.


Bitcoin halving: Volatility coming our way?

Bitcoin halving has come and gone; what’s left is a smaller reward for mining bitcoins and the promise of future volatility. Let’s see what happened this past weekend and what changed for Bitcoin miners and enthusiasts.

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[Bit]coin flipping: The countdown for Bitcoin halving has begun

Bitcoin miners make a decent living from mining bitcoins —some can even make more than $1 million per month, as Motherboard pointed out in early 2015. Although they come across problems such as huge electricity bills and systems that overheat very easily, they are about to face the biggest problem of them all: Bitcoin halving. Let’s see what this means for Bitcoin miners, as well as for the rest of the Bitcoin enthusiasts.

Interview with Spiros Margaris, world's No. 4 of Top 20 Social Influencers in FinTech

[Bit]coin flipping: “Blockchain will go mainstream in the next 5-10 years”

According to a recent article written by the International Monetary Fund’s Andreas Adriano and Hunter Monroe, blockchain “may end up helping” banks despite its original ‘no banks involved’ policy. We talked to Spiros Margaris, one of the top social influencers in FinTech, about the future of blockchain and Bitcoin and the former’s long-term benefits.

John Davies Keynote

“The downside of blockchain is Bitcoin”| JAX Finance

In his keynote at JAX Finance, John Davies, co-founder and CTO of C24, a London-based fast data company specializing in high-volume, low-latency complex messaging, talked about the problem that blockchain solves, the technologies which use it and the industry sectors that are interested in this mechanism. He also answered the question ‘why are global banks investigating the use of blockchain in their applications?’

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[Bit]coin flipping: Bitcoin price passes $500 for the first time in almost two years

Let’s call it a deja-vu. Bitcoin price passed the $500 threshold in late May, something which hasn’t happened in almost two years. Four days after the sudden boost, the price is still bigger than it was in August 2014 —the last hike—. Specialists are still trying to find the reason behind the unexpected increase, with some claiming that Chinese investors’ actions may have led to this dramatic surge.