Interview with Massimo Ferrari, Management Strategy Director at Red Hat

Automation is the arm capable of doing actions but you also need eyes and a brain — like in the human body

Massimo Ferrari, Management Strategy Director at Red Hat believes that automation is one of the most powerful technologies in IT. Should we embrace automation or should we fight it? What are its advantages, disadvantages and misconceptions? Is automation alone enough to steer the digital transformation journey in the right direction? Let’s find out!

Automation: Run towards or away from it?

Get ready for the rise of the robot programmer

Anyone with at least some experience in programming will want to take advantage of the robot programming trend. In this article, tech writer Rick Delgado talks about the impact of automation on jobs and weighs in on the skills programmers should have in order to fit into this scenario.

Interview with W-JAX speaker John Danaher

“Resisting automation seems both futile and undesirable”

Many people are worried about the rise of smart machines and the impact this may have on paid employment. Several recently-published books, including Brynjolfsson and McAfee’s The Second Machine Age and Martin Ford’s The Rise of the Robots have forecast widespread technological unemployment over the next half century. We talked to John Danaher, lecturer in Law, NUI Galway and W-JAX speaker, about the role of automation and the skill sets we might need in the future.

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