Predictions from Patrick McFadin, Amanda Brock, Donnie Berkholz, & Frank Reno

2022 Outlook – Developer Experience, automation, & data

What does 2022 hold for developer experience, automation, and data? We asked the experts about their new year predictions for the upcoming year. How will developer experience develop, how will automation develop, what should developers automate, and what will be important in 2022?

Identifying automation opportunities

Automating the Right Processes: Task Capture vs. Process Mining?

The growth of robotic process automation (RPA) over the past few years has been one of technology’s great success stories. On the face of it, RPA’s huge popularity makes perfect sense. Properly executed, RPA is able to automate a wide range of repetitive, rules-based processes, vastly reducing the time spent on routine tasks, as well as the potential for human error which often accompanies such work.

A Cookbook Written by Test Automation Experts

Finding the Recipe for Test Automation Challenges with the Automation Cookbook

It should be easier to find answers to basic questions, but for testers working with automation, there hasn’t really been a go-to resource for this. The Automation Cookbook, a new test automation resource, aims to solve this issue for the engineering community. The Automation Cookbook is filled with individual bite-sized video recipes that solve specific problems testers might be having at any given moment.

How Scriptless Testing Works

An introduction to scriptless testing

Scriptless testing offers some immediate benefits to three common testing roles in most organisations: business testers, developers and test engineers. Once scriptless is introduced among these three groups, organisations can achieve up to 85 to 90 per cent test automation coverage on each and every regression cycle.

4 challenges of low-code and zero-code BPM solutions

Things to Watch Out for in Low-Code Process Automation

The low-code approach simplifies application development by replacing hand-coding with reusable components that can be stacked together via a drag-and-drop interface. While these platforms help reduce IT strain, decrease costs, and increase productivity, they come with their own set of challenges.

Realizing the full promise of automation

Seeding the ground for automation

The foremost problem that organisations encounter when trying to automate is knowing their own environment. That simply won’t do. Organisations need to know their environments inside and out – they need to know where their nodes are located, they need to know what kind of web servers and operating systems they use and they need to know how certificates are used within their environment.

Shifting roles

Are autonomous databases a threat or an opportunity for DBAs?

How will autonomous databases affect the role of data administrators? While the job itself is not going to disappear, the role of the DBA will continue to change and must adapt to AI and machine learning. This article examines what complexities data administrators will have to handle, how the job will shift, and what manual tasks autonomous databases will continue to take over.

It's just a shift to the left, and a shift to the right

Securing containers throughout the entire build-ship-run lifecycle means shifting left and right

Security is no joke, especially as more and more companies are moving to cloud-based container setups. The stakes are high, and the price of a security breach can be catastrophic. CEO of NeuVector Fei Huang shares his thoughts about why DevSecOps matters and how to shift left and right to ensure security is considered all through the lifecycle, not just at deployment.

Ram Lakshmanan writes...

Automating – OutOfMemoryError troubleshooting

The OutOfMemoryError can be a real pain to troubleshoot, and it’s still done manually for the most part, even in this day and age. Ram Lakshmanan teaches you how to automate troubleshooting and identifying the root cause of this error.

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