Watch Erik Wilde's Serverless Architecture Conference session

What APIs Can and Cannot Do

APIs have become an essential ingredient of Digital Transformation and other initiatives to modernize IT and organizations. However, while APIs are an essential ingredient, they are not everything you need, and thus only focusing on APIs may lead to disappointment when expectations are running too high.

Watch Nick Van Hoof's API Conference session

Why you should use OpenAPI for your API design

API First development – should you practice it? Of course you should! In this lightning talk, Nick Van Hoof will show you how OpenAPI can make your life easier in a serverless world. Join him in this short talk from the API Conference and come away knowing how to practice API First development.

DevOps win-win

A DevOps Kong Diary

Kong is an API platform for multi-cloud and hybrid organizations, available as both FOSS and as an enterprise platform. Dennis Kelly, former senior DevOps engineer at Zillow Group, implemented Kong in the Trulia DevOps group. In this article, he recounts how they vetted Kong, what solutions it offered, and how it fundamentally changed their strategy.

Watch Hen Peretz's Serverless Architecture Conference session

Bottlenecks in Serverless Applications

Managed services have become a main part of modern cloud applications. Utilizing existing services via APIs provides developers with great flexibility and velocity. However, the significant reliance on these services, which you have no control over, puts your application’s performance and costs in danger. Watch Hen Peretz’s Serverless Architecture Conference session.

Watch Christian Liebel's International JavaScript Conference

Advanced Progressive Web Apps: Push notifications under control

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are used more than ever, as more and more people access the Internet primarily with their smartphones. This session by Christian Liebel from the International JavaScript Conference discusses how to create push notifications for a PWA using the Push API. Make your website feel like a real app using some helpful libraries.

2020 predictions on securing APIs

Ahead in 2020: Preparing for new mechanisms that will help secure APIs

If you’re like me, you’ve spent the last several weeks reviewing the vast number of predictions industry players have been making in and around the software development space. One that I don’t think has received enough coverage is the exciting prospect that browser vendors will eventually start adding mechanisms to secure localStorage, a JavaScript accessible storage technology commonly, but dangerously, used to store critical data such as authentication tokens. While it’s unlikely we’ll see browsers implement any improvements in 2020, the sad reality is that we’re likely to see attacks that necessitate a response.

4 reasons why APIs are helpful

Unleash the essential facts about API integration: Needs and benefits

API integration is important, especially for companies handling multiple cloud-based apps and tools. There are a lot of reasons why API integration platforms are considered useful. In short, APIs help organizations become more flexible. They simplify design and administration, and offer opportunities for innovation.

One query to rule them all

No more n+1 problems with FaunaDB’s GraphQL API

When building a GraphQL server, it’s common to encounter n+1 problems. In this article, Leonardo Regnier, Software Engineer at FaunaDB, provides a solution to the issue using Fauna DB’s GraphQL API and providing a simple sample query. Batching will help keep the number of requests in line and solve the issue at hand, ensuring there is only one single request at a time.

There is indeed some catching up to do!

Enterprise security must catch up with API innovation

When it comes to API security, even companies with world-class security teams like Facebook and Google are getting caught off guard. In this article, Bernard Harguindeguy offers 12 must-have best practices for protecting API infrastructure from hacking and abuses.

Reaping the benefits

Web Components: Bridging the gap between frameworks

Components on the web have always been very framework-specific. That’s why it is not possible to use a component written in Angular directly in React (or vice versa). This is exactly where Web Components can help!

This is a security 101

Audit API security based on their OpenAPI contract

According to Gartner, by 2022 API abuse will be the most frequented attack vector on the enterprises. In this tutorial, Dmitry Sotnikov shows how you can use your API contract file to locate and remediate some of the common API vulnerabilities.

Interview with Doug Dooley, Data Theorem COO

API Discover & API Inspect promise to help enterprises combat Shadow APIs

Data Theorem recently launched two new API security products: API Discover, which helps enterprises combat what has been known as Shadow APIs, rogue APIs developers publish without proper enterprise security vetting that go undetected by today’s legacy security tools and API Inspect solution, which provides a continuous and automated security verification service to ensure the real-world operations of APIs always match their intended specs. We talked to Doug Dooley, Data Theorem COO about all this and more.