Watch Manfred Steyer's iJS 2017 session

Routing into the sunset with Angular

Routing is the keystone of every modern single page application and Angular comes with a bunch of components and solutions for it! Learn all you need to know about routing with Angular in this iJS session by Manfred Steyer.

There's a new way to build web and mobile apps with Angular and NativeScript

Angular and NativeScript teams join forces to create nativescript-schematics

It’s no news that developers can use NativeScript with Angular to build mobile apps. However, in order to build both a web and a native mobile app, you have to create two separate projects. That’s no longer an issue though! Meet nativescript-schematics, a schematic that enables you to build both web and mobile apps from a single project.

Time to put some simplicity in your Angular projects

Angular Console makes working with Angular CLI a piece of cake

Nrwl announced the release of Angular Console — the UI for the Angular CLI and it’s designed to make your time working with Angular CLI significantly simpler. It does everything the CLI can do and more! Let’s have a closer look.